Another Harper’s Tuesday

Just what you’ve been waiting for the bits of news no one hears on the news. Check out Harper’s Weekly for off-beat snapshots the whole big war picture. But, meanwhile, here are some snips from other world views:

[Washington Post] F.D.A. representative Dr. Janet Woodcock said that selling the Plan B contraceptive over the counter would transform it into an “urban legend” that would tempt adolescents to create “sex-based cults.”
[Washington Post] The International Rescue Committee announced that more than 200 women were sexually assaulted in refugee camps last month in Darfur.
[Reuters] In Kenya, U.S. Senator Barack Obama agreed to be tested for HIV,
ABC News] President Bush cautioned against placing too much importance on the upcoming one-year anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.[San Jose Mercury News]
Advanced Cell Technology, an American biotech company, successfully created embryonic stem cells without destroying embryos.[Financial Times]
The mayor of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, announced his intention to make his city the “toughest place on illegal immigrants in America.” [Washington Post]
Australian scientists announced plans to issue oral contraceptives to kangaroos.[BBC] Existing home sales hit a two-year low,[Forbes]
Microsoft filed suit against two “typosquatter” companies under the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, which prevents companies from exploiting suggestively similar domain names.[The Register]
Venezuelan customs officials confiscated twenty U.S. diplomatic mail bags containing airplane ejector seats, explosive charges, and 180 pounds of chicken.[New York Times]
Chinese law enforcement officials cracked down on striptease performances at funerals in Jiangsu province, arresting five and setting up a hotline where people could report “funeral misdeeds.”[Reuters via Yahoo News]
In Diss, England, Gwen Dorling, 102, enjoyed the services of a stripper for her birthday,[BBC] and Edward Rondthaler, 100, of Croton-on-Hudson, New York, attributed his longevity to cold showers.[CNN]
“Super-sized” yellowjacket nests were infesting southern states,[Montgomery Adviser]
In Coushatta, Louisiana, nine black students were sent to the back of a school bus to make room for white children.[The Shrevport Times via Drudge Report]
In Sorrento, Florida, a sixty-year-old man was accused of biting a six-year-old boy’s genitals after the child refused to stop touching himself,[] and an English woman capable of climaxing forty times per day was convicted of benefit fraud.[The Times of London]
Young people were loitering in the nude in parking lots in Brattleboro, Vermont.[]

Lordy, Lordy. How crazy are we crazy humans going make life on this planet???
But here’s my all time favorite in this week’s Harper’s Weekly:

Katherine Harris, a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida, told a Baptist newspaper that “if you’re not electing Christians, then in essence you are going to legislate sin.”[Washington Post] .

4 thoughts on “Another Harper’s Tuesday

  1. I never knew that only Christians were safe to write and pass legislation. Whatever would would have become of me if I had not read your blog post today??

  2. Here’s some “news of the weird”: my little town (60,000 bedroom community of Charlotte) is voting on whether or not to allow alcohol sales on Sundays. That’s right…you CAN’T buy beer or wine in our town on SUNDAYS. You should hear the pastors coming out against it…saying life isn’t all about money…errr…of course, they have 15 million dollar buildings, etc. THIS is the Bible belt…Katherine Harris would do well here. So, I asked myself, WWJD? I figure he’d take a whip and go cleanse a church;)…sounds like

  3. Comes as no surprise to me given the climate today. However, I spent my early years in what is now a midwest rust belt state that had “blue laws” as you describe. So, the Elks and other assorted groups formed private clubs where alcohol could be sold at their bars on Sunday. The liquor stores were (may still be, I don’t know) state-owned and controlled.

  4. Oh yes, BTW, re WWJD, I think for all of my lifetime he would have been, and would still be working 24 hour days sweeping many of the churches, evangelistic organizations, our current government, clean, much as is described his doing in the temples…sad to say.

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