aging fast

A.jpgs I was uploading photos from my cousins’ visit, I took a good look at my own image and realized just how many more lines and wrinkles I’ve developed in the past year, how much older I look, how much more tired — how fat my upper arms have gotten.
So I took a look at how I’ve changed over the past half-dozen years. I am quickly developing the face of an old lady, and I don’t like it one bit. Feh on caregiving!!
six years.jpg

2 thoughts on “aging fast

  1. Now first of all — that first photo is from more than a half dozen years ago!!! So let’s be fair. 😉
    As for the rest — they aren’t as drastic as you may seem to think (we are our own worst critics!). And I actually like the last better than the one before it!!
    And perhaps caregiving has added a little something, but more than that I’m betting it’s something else —
    TIME 🙁 Can’t do much about that, can we????

  2. Yeah, caregiving can take a toll, but I think Mellex’s comment is probably much closer to the truth.
    Time is doing a number on me and all my friends, but then, it has my whole life when I start with the baby pictures. So, what’s new??
    Am spending a little time wandering around on your blog. Enjoyed the “Paynted” interview and other posts I’ve read. Could probably comment on many but will restrain myself. ;-).
    I surely do like your writing!

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