gatorade and sippy cup

That’s what’s keeping her going (or, rather, NOT going). I bought a sippy cup a while ago at a dollar store, just in case she might need it someday. That day has come, and she’s been sipping gatorade out of if all day. That’s all she’s allowed to ingest for two days — that and an a strong antibiotic, since so far they haven’t found anything apparent that is causing her diarrhea.
It was a bad morning, with her refusing to sit or lie down and insisting on walking, walking, walking. In desperation, I gave her some of my passionflower extract that I got from the health food store and that I use to calm myself down enough to fall asleep. Eventually, she actually relaxed enough so that we all could relax a little.
As for my toe, it’s better today — obviously just a bad bruise.
My garden’s not much for harvesting this year. I keep salvaging tomatoes, but unless I find the time and energy to water what’s there, the pickings will be even slimmer. My flower/planters are so dried out that I’m not sure I can save what’s in them. Too much sun, not enough water. Not enough time to do the watering.
It’s so hard to get all of those balances right.

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