Happy Harper’s Tuesday

In addition to a well encaspsulated report of the murder, mayhem, and madness going on the Middle East, today’s Harper’s Weekly listed a few other items of odd interest, excerpted as follows:
in Minnesota people in zombie costumes were arrested for carrying “simulated weapons of mass destruction
— hot weather killed 141 people (as well as 25,000 cattle and 700,000 fowl) in California, at least 170 people in France, Italy, and Spain, and dozens of racing dogs in Oregon, and shut down MySpace
— two people in England were killed by a giant inflatable sculpture named Dreamscape
— a school headmaster in China burned down 10 classrooms when the dog meat he was cooking burst into flames
— Radiologists announced that many Americans were becoming too fat for X-rays
— a man in Sumatra was squashed by an elephant.
— poisoned pigeons rained down in Schenectady, New York
— Texas was overrun by butterflies.
— a man in Prey Veng province, Vietnam, killed a 76-year-old nun by strangling her with a krama, then attempted to assassinate a monk, while the victims slept at a wat
— an influential Italian banker and member of Opus Dei was found dismembered under a bridge in Parma
— doctors in India removed a 15-year-old dead fetus from a woman’s womb

— a verbally abused 66 year old woman commits fratricide in New Paltz, NY while 90 year old mother sleeps soundly in the next room
The itme above was not listed. But it might be someday.

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