answers, some straight, some skewed

When I made the post that asked the question, I didn’t know what to expect as answers. Here’s the question:

If you could make up ONE new law and have it enforced FOREVER, by goons, what would your law be?
Use your imagination, let your despotic instincts run free.

First, here’s my answer — at least as close as I can remember, since I didn’t make a copy of what I sent in:

I would enforce a U.S. law that would greatly limit tax write offs/loopholes and significantly increase the tax rate (to somewhere around 40%) on the income of individuals who make more than 2 million dollars a year (in gross income) and on corporations who make more than 2 billion dollars a year in gross profit. That tax money would be used to fund universal health care and also set up an updated version of the WPA to provide fair wages for work done to shore up and enhance the country’s physical infrastructure.

Now, you have to undersand that my dad was a centrist Republican who use to tell me that the older he got, the more he thought that the best form of government is a benevelent dictatorship. Of course, given human nature, we know that would never work because we’d never be able to find a thoroughly fair and moral individual to take the job. At any rate, that’s why I had no problem “letting my despotic instincts run free.”
However, there were several respondents who couldn’t do that and answered with the following:
— Well…mine would be paradoxical and self-contradictory, making it impossible??? The new law to be enforced forever by goons would be: No law forever enforceable by goons may be passed. (non-blogger myrln)
Stu’s new law : Fascism is forbidden, e.g. you are not allowed to enforce anything, by goons or military might. (Stu Savory)
— Well, there’s the obvious One New Law: Henceforth, I get to make ALL new laws! But there’s probably a clause in the contract that results in making NO new laws and probably getting beaten up by the goons to boot. I’m really not sure, Elaine. All laws are flawed. For instance, what if all public schools got equal funding, but it was zero? Maybe a law outlawing goons. But then only outlaws would have goons. But maybe we do need some goon control laws. (Dave Rogers)
Then I had a few whose first thought was for the Golden Rule. I also believe that we wouldn’t need a whole lot of laws and wouldn’t have all these problems in the world if everyone lived by the Golden Rule. I just don’t know how even goons could enforce it:
— Well, it’s a close call — “Do to others what you would have them do to you” has a lot going for it, but it leaves a lot of room for equivocation and manipulation. The simple clarity of “Thou shalt not kill” wins for me. (AKMA)
— When I first read your question, my initial reaction was to demand the implementation of The Golden Rule: compulsory in all educational levels, from pre-school through university. I have always felt that if we could just submerge our young people with the cause and effect/action/reaction physics based on human emotion so that it is ingrained on all levels, in multiple dimensions within our beings … the world would be a much better place for all.
Then I re-read the question and saw the part about “the goons” enforcing this new law and well, … that whole passive, empathic ideal kind of collapsed in on itself.
(Klondike Kate)
Then there were those, like me, who feel a little coercian can go a long way:
— my first thought is that we have all the laws on the books that we need. The problem is the laws are not enforced. Another thought is that a law banning all cars (except emergency vehicles) over four cylinders could solve a lot of problems.. A law banning private ownership of automatic or military weapons would make America a better place, but might cause a revolution. (non-blogger John)
— Equal funding for ALL public schools wherever they are. (Tamarika)
— My law would be that everyone would have to be polite and considerate of others at all times. (And no one could drive a car and talk on the phone at the same time). (non-blogger Bonnie)
— I would dictate that…that no one and no book would dictate to you how to live. (Steve James of Lunchmoney)
— 1. Mankind must never be allowed to use weapons of mass destruction ever again against each other, and includes but not limited to nuclear bombs and missiles, biological and chemical warfare, grenades, landmines, bullets, firebombs, arrows, and rocks. 2. Mankind must never be allowed to destroy any ecological system, nor treat in an inhumane manner, any living creature, and must be good stewards of the planet earth and its inhabitants one and all. (Cowtown Pattie)
— Nationalize the arms industry. the pentagon wants our tax money? fine; let them use it to actually manufacture weapons. maybe they’ll get a little more parsimonious with using them. this has the added benefit of taking profit out of the arms dealing equation, to my way of thinking. economic and military experts may have very good reason to call me insane on this one, but i’m just thinking if it’s not profitable anymore maybe the vultures will no longer rule our society. same goes for drugs. legalize it and tax it. maybe less gang violence then, no? and less deficit. spend some of the money on drug rehab and other programs for addicts. (Ex-Lion Tamer)
— 1. All politicians must henceforth be squeaky clean honest.
(a)No money may be accepted from any source other than the government for conducting political campaigns.
(a.1) While in office no money may be accepted from any source other than the government
(a.2) Upon leaving office the candidate may not work for, or serve in any paid capacity for, any person, company, organization or corporation directly and positively affected by any legislation voted favourably on by the candidate.
(a.3)All politicians must immediately resign their seat if any relative closer than 1st degree cousin assumes a paid position with any person, company, organization or corporation directly and positively affected by any legislation voted favourably on by the candidate

Penalty for breaking this law is life in prison without parole and no country club prisons either. (posted at Doug of The Alders)
— That everyone had to tell the truth. (non-blogger Joe)
— I’d have them repeal the Mann Act. (non-blogger Pete, who never takes anything seriously)
Any chance we can get those goons to sit on Congress until they deal with the global warming situation?

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