there is something to be said for intelligence

Intelligence — brain power — is a wonderful thing, but they wouldn’t know that over at March Together, where the resident blogger, never having heard of The Onion, mistook an article, by-lined by a writer who doesn’t exist, as serious instead of satire. And then the anti-abortion blogger made it even worse, including excerpting a definition for satire that omitted the fact that it is based on wit and irony.
b!X is right. This is the kind of person who voted for our current president. However, there’s hope if you look at the more than 600 comments and several trackbacks to this post.
The level of writing and critical thinking displayed on the March Together weblog makes it hard to take it seriously. It almost seems as though pro-choice people might have set it up to make a laughing stock of pro-life people. The scary thing is that’s not the case. These people are serious. Seriously uneducated.
Best line in one of the comments:

the opposite of intellectual Left is unintelligent Right

And so now the unEjumacated blogger thinks he can escape the criticisms of both his allies and his opponents by starting a new weblog at
You can run, Pete, but you can’t hide.

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