it’s my party

When I first started blogging five years ago, I was very concerned about protocol. Is it OK to go back and change what I had written in a post? Is it OK to delete comments that are just way off the mark or offensive to other commenters? I don’t care about any of those things any more. It’s my party, and I’ll blog the way I want to.
Oh, of course i don’t want a reputation for being inauthentic or manipulative, and to be honest, only once have I gone back and made signficant changes to a post, and that was to keep much-needed peace in the family.
I am, however, at the point of considering tossing a commenter out on his ear. He’s an “intelledtual,” he claims; he’s also confrontational . He doesn’t seem to understand that one needs to be affective in order to be effective. If he has a “totem animal,” I suspect it’s a beaver — gnawing, gnawing, gnawing away at the same spot until he makes it give away.
Back in May of 2005, I blogged an item about what “truth” is/isn’t that continues to generate comments. The early ones were informative; the later ones seemed to be a battle between linear logic and the the more illusive emotions. It seems to me that the goal should always be to combine both in any argument because individuals are both rational and emotional. What we feel affects what we think — it’s just human nature. Unless, it seems, one classifies himself as an intellectual and ergo doesn’t have to look beyond the apparent “facts.”
For now, I let the dialogue between the mind and the heart continue, with my interjections when I feel like it. After all, it IS my party.
And the truth here is that you’re invited to join in the comments over at my Whose Truth post.

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