when a blogger dies

Mandarin Meg, a blogger known far and wide for offering free tips on how to make a blog more visually interesting, passed away. The big “M” at the beginning of this post, the codes for which I got off Meg’s Mandarin Design website, is my tribute to a woman who reached out to the world through her creativity and caring.
I didn’t “know” her (the way bloggers get to know each other) because I haven’t had the time to join the “comment conversations” or to learn codes that will let me tinker with the look of this weblog. But I knew OF her from reading other bloggers, such as Frank Paynter, Jeneane Sessum, and Stu Savory, who already have posted their goodbyes.
When Frank was doing a series of blogger interviews (He also interviewed me! Imagine that!) he did one on Meg, which you can read here.
Meg leaves a wonderful legacy for bloggers like me, who are slowly picking up on the useful blogging tips she left behind.
Rest in Peace, Mandarin Meg.

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  1. Elaine,
    I don’t know why, but finally now, after reading your good-bye, the tears came. I’ve had long talks and short IM chats with friends about Meg’s passing this morning. It’s sad and lonely. It’s terrible.
    Thank you for remembering her here.

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