be like broccoli

Be like broccoli. That’s what I tell myself as I walk around my vegetable garden, wondering what’s bothering my tomato plants. I know that our resident squirrel has eaten all my lily bulbs and is working on the leaves of my sweet yellow peppers. One of them is only a short stalk at this point.
But the brocolli! It’s all growing strong and tall, with huge leaves — no actual veggies yet, but they’ll come. Nothing bothers to bother the brocolli. It’s left alone to grow strong. Brocolli is not sweet, but it’s nourishing, full of the stuff of health.
Be like broccoli, I tell myself, feeling a lot more like the chewed up stalks of the sweet yellow peppers — some of which, by the way, are growing new leaves. Today, I sprayed them all with hot pepper spray.
Be like broccoli. Or hot pepper.

1 thought on “be like broccoli

  1. I love when people use there gardens in similes and metaphors, and this is a good one. But, what you really want is for all of your other veggies to be like broccoli. I too, planted this broccoli, and have noticed its resiliance. Good luck with the rest of your garden, we know the Broccoli don’t need it.

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