innings and outings

No, this is about neither baseball nor gay issues.
In -ings: staying inside too much; getting involved in projects that keep me inside. Of course, it’s raining AGAIN, and wildly windy to boot. I spent late last night and so far all day today right where I am now. My college graduating class (1961) is trying to get organized for the first time in 45 years, and I’m trying to help get a handle of where we all are and how to get in touch with everyone. Of course, if I had thought to have everyone at the reunion last weekend fill out a form with contact information, that would have been a good start. And another, “of course” seems to be that too many of us don’t use email much. If we did not have to use computers as a part of our jobs, we never really got into them. (Not me, of course; I’m addicted to blogging.)
out-ings: cleaning out; getting out; reaching out. Obviously, I’m having trouble with those. But in the larger world, it’s one outing after the other. There’s Haditha. And then there’s the secret detention center in Romania. Toronto terrorists link to Americans.
We are out of morals and in trouble. Maureen Dowd said it well in her June 3 Times column:

It’s a bitter irony. And not even a terribly illuminating irony, since Saddam truly had a regime of butchery and the American military is not in the business of atrocity, even if an undeniable atrocity was committed and even if the war has become something of an atrocity.
“It’s one of those things where we have become the enemy,” John Murtha said ruefully on CNN.

There’s an email message that’s still going around that started just about a couple of years ago, and I posted about it then . “Wear Red on Fridays.” Wear red on Fridays to let everyone know we want no more bloodshed. No more bloody lies.

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