no Easter bunnies; just cute little chipmunks

For lots of people, it’s Passover. For lots of other people, it’s Easter — or, as I prefer, Eostre. We’re not celebrating Easter around here; my mom forgets from day to day what day it is. Besides, I don’t buy the whole story that leads up to Easter either.
And apparently other people disbelieve what I disbelieve so strongly, that they made a movie of it. clips of which you can watch here. I don’t buy many DVDs. Farenheit 9/11 was one I did buy. Also, the Firefly series (the precursor to the movie Serenity), and the MTV series, Aeon Flux. And I just ordered the DVD of “The God Who Wasn’t There.”
I stumbled on the existence of this irreverant flick when I linked from b!X’s post on our mad, mad, mad, mad leaders making use of a terrorist organization in order to prepare for their latest mad scheme in the Middle East. When I got to the original piece at Raw Story, I saw the ad for the movie. The clips sold me.
So, on Easter Sunday, when so many people will be in their churches praising that god who was never really there, I will be sitting on the screened breezeway, chuckling at the antics of our two resident chipmunks and getting better acquainted with the red-headed woodpecker. the cardinal couple, the several finches, and the lone nuthatch who frequently visit our bird feeder.
Such will be my celebration of Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos, as I eat my slice of homemade Russion Easter Bread and sip my mango flavored green tea.
And I assume, that over there in Massachussetts, where my grandson lives, he will be waking to find a basket from the Easter Bunny the same way that his mom did when she was a child.
The coming of Spring is worth celebrating no matter how you do it.
I do believe what my car’s bumpter magnet says:


2 thoughts on “no Easter bunnies; just cute little chipmunks

  1. Before you watch that DVD, you might want to read my review of it. Basically, the filmmaker doesn’t really follow through with his premise at all, it’s a terribly self-indulgent piece that’s more about his personal problems with Christianity than about any questioning regarding Jesus’ historical authenticity.

  2. Oh well, I thought it might be something like that. But I’m curious to see it anyway. I supposed he thought that he was trying to imitate Michael Moore’s style. Oh well.

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