crash at 11:11

Just as I was about to press the button to open the DVD tray, I noticed the time on the display — 11:11.
I put the movie in and the time disappeared.
Crash! a gorgeous mosaic of a movie that is actually about our fears of each other, set in the bright light of Los Angeles and the dark places in our hearts
The truth is, we don’t like each other very much, and the truth that “Crash” reckons with is that, in the safe enclosure of our cars, or our living rooms, we make easy assumptions and hard judgments about people we don’t really know.

2 thoughts on “crash at 11:11

  1. Just read this comment about CRASH. Watched this movie long before Acad. Awards, the first of the nominated ones I’ve seen. Just wanted to say, I, too, was struck with how well it portrayed our all too frequent negative attitudes toward anyone we don’t know, and/or seems to be different from us.
    I know we need to be cautious to a degree, but seems as though we cross the line into actually assuming the worst about others we do not know.
    From time to time I’ve had fun experimenting with smiling at some of the most fierce looking people I’ve encountered. I have almost universally been rewarded with a responsive smile, sometimes even a non-threatening verbal greeting. It’s almost as though everyone is waiting for the other person to make the first gesture.

  2. Yes, I know just what you mean. I make a point of trying to compose my face into a smile as I walk along. I find that just about everyone, if they catch my eye, smiles back. Yes, everyone IS waiting for the other person to make the first gesture.

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