i once heard the survivors
of a colony of ants
that had been partially
obliterated by a cow s foot
seriously debating
the intentions of the gods
towards their civilization

archy the cockroach, from certain maxims of archy
As I went to type in this new entry, I noticed that my last entry was post #1111. Yup, I’ve been seeing a lot of it again lately. I’ve never been able to associate these “sightings” with any consistent aftermath. If you google 11:11 phenomenon you’ll get all kinds of theories that I could choose from, if I were so inclined. I still think it’s interesting that the first post I ever did on my going through spurts of seeing those numbers still generates comments from people who also keep noticing the numbers and wonder what it all means.
Ah, yes, what does it all mean? I guess that I hold to the position that it means what you want it to mean.
What does it mean that I’ve spent the last half-hour wrapping the terra cotta pot in which an ailing house plant of mine sits in a bunch of those microwavable hot packs. And then I covered all of that with a blanket. And then I dug up an old grow-light bulb and donated my desk lamp to the recovery effort. Ah, the antics some of us go through to help the struggle for survival.
And that’s why I’m heading back to my daughter’s on Monday to grandson-sit so that she can try to survive some dental surgery. It will only be a two-night stay — but enough time for some fun antics with the kid who makes me laugh.
Wanna bet I just happen to look at the dashboard clock at 11:11??
as I was crawling
through the holes in
a swiss cheese
the other
day it occurred to
me to wonder
what a swiss cheese
would think and after
cogitating for some
time i said to myself
if a swiss cheese
could think
it would think that
a swiss chesse
was the most important
thing in the world
just as everything that
can think at all
does think about itself

— the words of that seriously smart cockroach, archy
ADDENDUM: So, as I was driving around running errands today (Sunday) I stopped at one point to check the time on the clock in my car. Yup. 1:11.

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