sometimes you find them; sometimes they find you

I’m talking about bloggers who, as individuals on this planet, you would never get to meet in this lifetime — people from other countries, other cultures. There are several such blogger/friends listed in my blogroll.
This time it’s John Baker, who stumbled on Kalilily Time as he was cruising around Techorati. HIs weblog is exactly what he says it is: reflections of a working writer and reader. And a working writer he is, with eight novels already in print: he’s also a working member of the “Murder Squad”! (Love the photo on that link.)
His wife, Anna, is a talented photographer, and you might want to check out her site as well. Her joint project called “Real Estate” involves coloured photographs of traditional allotment sheds. Structures that appear as the result of anarchic creativity. Click on the “Allotment Sheds” link on her site for some imagaes of these “rampant and haphazard”… “conglomerations of recycled materials, windows, carpets, old doors, corrugated iron, parts of ancient fencing, wire mesh, wooden laths, and swathes of plastic sheeting.”
And that’s the way it goes. Links, leading to links, leading to new finds, new friends.

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