Gasp! Cough! Sputter, sputter!

Ahh! I’ve resurfaced. I can breathe again. I can blog again.
Well, OK. It wasn’t a catstrophe on a scale with a tsunami, but b!X’s server, on which this weblog resides, crashed last week, sending Kalilily Time into the virtual void — along with my email address that is associated with it.
There’s a part of me that can’t help thinking it has something to do with the hundreds of spam comments I get every day that I try to go in and delete before I go to bed each night. If this torrent of comment spam continues, I might have to have a registration process for commentors — something that I’m loathe to do because there are at least three old posts of mine that are still obviously relevant to people I don’t know; steady streams of strangers are still keeping the conversations going.
Meanwhile, here at the real world, we are taking my mom to the doctor’s tomorrow because we think that her internal bleeding might have recurred. I have plans to drive out and visit my grandson next week. Right.
At this moment, she is watching American Idol with my brother; I have just finished watching Countdown. Now there’s a metaphor for this family.
I keep looking out the window at yet another snow covered scene. It’s March! Spring should be beginning to spring!
Because my server was down, I posted at Blogsisters the text of an Op Ed piece about torturing prisoners that my former-CIA friend had tried, unsuccessfully, to get published in several mainstream media. Link on over and read it while I continue to catch my breath.

2 thoughts on “Gasp! Cough! Sputter, sputter!

  1. I am glad your server is back up now so you can blog again.
    Best of luck with your Mom’s tests tomorrow and the visit to see your grandson. I hope you have a chance soon to catch your breath

  2. Hi – so glad you’re back, Elaine!
    Tried to send you email but as you noted – no deal.
    I’ll catch that piece you mentioned just had to quickly let you know you’re thought about out here in cyberworld…maybe more often than you know.
    Wishing you well with your mom,

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