that linking addiction

This afternoon, a friend called my from Myrtle Beach, where she goes several times a year for fun on the links (golf, that is). Yes, she’s one of my retired cronies of whom I am supremely envious. During our chat she asked me if I had seen a segment on CSPAN with Barbara O’Reilly of and had I heard of her. I didn’t and I hadn’t, so, of course, tonight as I finally left my mom sleeping and got online, I went to maha. From which I followed the link (no relation to golf) to Maureen Dowd’s article in True Blue Liberal, from which I linked to TBL’s home page ,from which I linked to this graphic and painfully funny illustration of the “New Christian Science Textbook.” Alll that was after I linked to the video of maha’s O’Reilly on CSPAN.
By now it’s after midnight, and so finally, while mom is finally sleeping (with her favorite shoes tucked under her pillow so no one will steal them) I’d better let the rest of the links go.
That is, after I stop over at BlogSisters and leave a comment on this post about Congresswoman Heather Wilson, who is someone I would never have on my pro list, given her terrible and terrifying voting record.

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