it’s all about me

On 20/20 tonight, a program about mothers and daughters. I couldn’t identify with most of it, except for the older Jewish mother and her daughter. I could learn from that daughter, who counters her mother’s criticisms with humor. Why can’t I just make a joke out of the controlling things that my mother still tries to lay on me??
OK. So that program wasn’t really all about me. But an ebook I downloaded from my library does resonate a lot more with me, especially since the adult main character finds herself stuck back at her parents’ house because her mother has alzheimer’s and her father is dying of colon cancer. What she says about her mother is about mine too, and this quote did make me smile because it’s so true.:
Wherever she went she left behind a trail of soggy tissues.
Oh, man, do I know that trail. They fall off her lap, out of her sleeves, from between her bony fingers. They overflow from the pockets of everything she wears. I’m always bending down to pick up those soggy tissues. And that’s all both very real a very apt metaphor for just about how it goes around here these days..
I bought myself a refurbished iRiver multi-media player that they don’t make anymore to which I downloaded two audio books to listen to as I try to fall asleep each night. I got if off ebay for a pretty reasonable price; it will probably take me the rest of my life to learn how to use all of its features. But all I care about now is using it for my ebooks and NPR podcasts. Next, I’ll teach myself how to download photos of my grandson. Maybe even a little video of him. Good exercise for the brain.
It’s supposed to be a nice day coming up. In the 50s. I’ll haul my mother out of bed by noon and we’ll get in the car and go somewhere. Maybe we’ll get lost — although I’m not sure I can get any more lost than I am.
It’s all about me.

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