just couldn’t resist


I don’t decorate for the holidays. It’s just me; what’s the point. But I do put my mother’s Christmas decor up — the most important of which, for her, is the nativity scene. Next to it is a patchwork wreath I made for her many years ago, onto which she has strung lights and a bunch of little elves. As I was repositioning the little elves, well, a little irreverence is good for the soul, even — or maybe especially — during these stark winter holidays.

3 thoughts on “just couldn’t resist

  1. Elaine,
    For 2 years now I’ve read your musings, listened to your “conversations” with your mother and been happy with you when you see your grandson. You’ve shared so much more but what seems to be woven through it all is this: how wonderfully human you are. How I appreciate the reality of your life!
    I really felt moved to say thank you so very much.
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