the nature of the universe

Having been a sci fi fan for the past sixty years (since I began to read), I can’t always remember where I read or saw various speculations. But this one comes to mind today — I’m not sure why except maybe it has something to do with going around in circles.
I remember reading a story — or maybe it was an old Twilight Zone episode — wherein a scientist used a very powerful microscope to keep looking deeper and deeper into the smallest pariticles of matter. What he ultimately saw is his own eye looking back.
There’s also the idea that this planet is some sort of simulation game for some other much more powerful and intelligent species. “Let’s see what they’ll do when we……make a devastating rash of earthquakes and hurricanes….put the greatest country on the planet into the clutches of idiots…… ” etc. etc.
The latter is what came to mind when I heard a news report on television that described this scenario:
The auto industry, to save on fuel consumption, devises hybrid vehicles which consume much less gasoline. The gasoline tax goes to fix roads. So, the goverment is proposing a tax on hybrid vehicles because their owners won’t be paying their fair share to fix the roads. Read about it all here.
I feel like we’re in a Peter Sellers movie. Dr. Strangelove rides again.

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