more than leftovers

Packed up the Thanksgiving leftovers, packed up my mom and a Power Team Fire Fighter (equipped with oxygen tank and mask, fire plug and hose, hat with goggles, and other assorted accoutrements) and drove out to visit my grandson — and his mom and dad, of course.
Firefighter Dave (as the action figure was named after the main character my grandson’s currently favorite video) was a big hit. As was the megaphone-style voice changer. Well, that was a big hit with my grandson. I’m not so sure about his parents, who are left to listen to his growing repetoire of loud noises.
My mom was a big hit too. I’m always amazed at how my grandson takes to her. Although I shouldn’t be. They are both at about the 3 1/2 year level. Traveling with my mom is very much like traveling with a toddler. I have to do the packing, make sure I take food in the car and make potty stops, help her in and out of the car, and listen to idle chatter for the whole trip.
But it was all worth it just to have a chance to play with my grandson and hug my daughter. My mom and I even stayed overnight in a little motel, and that all worked out better than I thought it would.
And what’s Thanksgiving without also sharing leftovers, right?
And speaking of leftovers, the accumulated stuff on this site is all being redesigned at this very moment so that my more elderly readers (and there are more and more of them) will find it easier on the eyes.
This current design is a Moveable Type stylesheet, which looks great in theory but is not that easy for everyone to read — not just because of the small typeface, but also the colors.
By the way, for those of you who have trouble reading weblogs and websites. If you have a mouse with a wheel, when you go to some sites, like Google, if you hold down the Control key and turn the wheel, you can change the size of the type on the page. That also works on some weblogs, like Time Goes By, and you will be able to do that with my new design as well. It doesn’t work on blogs like Stu Savory’s, and maybe he should figure out how to include that capacity.
The Internet is still the land of the young bright and clear-eyed. But there are more and more of us older folks who are finding our own places on it. Weblog and website designers would do well to keep that in mind.
After all, we ARE so much more than leftovers, whether they’ve realized it yet or not.
So b!X is working with me to figure out how to make reading this blog a pleasure — at least visually if not re content.

2 thoughts on “more than leftovers

  1. Good trip! For you and your mom, both. And grandson, of course.
    Your site’s no prob for me since the posts come only in black and white, and on my rinky-dink relatively low-tech machine, I have a button that enlarges or shrinks type just by clicking it. So much for hi-tech superiority???

  2. Hi Elaine,
    if you are having a problem with reading 11px (small?)type sizes, may I suggest that you use a decent browser like Opera? In Opera you can just go dynamically change the standard zoomfactor from 100% to whatever you need,
    150%, 200%, whatever… Optical comfort is just a click away πŸ™‚
    PS: Colours are OK now πŸ™‚

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