thoughtless in the Catskills

I don’t have a thought of my own tonight. Ernie the Attorney (whose blog I found from Jeneane, who lives in Atlanta but not where the tornado tore through) has managed to get out of New Orleans after going back in. Now he needs a place to camp out.
The one thought I actually had today was that this is all the neocon’s fault for screwing up the environment. I think I said something like “it’s all Bush’s fault; he’s unleashed the forces of evil on this planet.”
As usual, Frank Paynter has a much more intelligent thought on that subject.
Frank also has a great post about that silly “Intelligent Design” theory. He says:
….it’s not as pro-god as it is anti-sex. The great engine of evolution over the last billion years has been the emergence and avid practice of sexual reproduction. And we KNOW what the christian right thinks about sex, joyous sex, wet and hard and hot and passionate, slippery sex. Okay, in case you don’t know, they basically don’t like it. And tying sex to survivbal characteristics they like even less. One look at Rove, Cheney, or Rumsfeld should tell you why they don’t like the evolutionary aspect of sex. Survival of the fittest? Let’s just say that the pairing of Lynn and Chuck … what is Cheney’s first name? He looks like a Chuck. Anyway, the Cheney pairing is noty the stuff of evolutionary dreams. Breeding? Not really. It’s more a thing of sow bellies and pork futures.
Doug, up in Canada, has a painfully funny/true post about gas prices.
Ronni put some thoughtful time in today with a post about the an issue of importance to my generation and all those who one day will find themselves in a similar time/place. She ends her post with:
Instead of spending billions of science dollars on increasing life spans (even if it were successful, it will take many decades to accomplish), we could apply that money to improving health in the old age we’ve already got and spend some effort to bring older people into the mainstream of public life where their experience, judgment and wisdom can be put to effective use in helping to solve the really important problems of the world.
It’s hard NOT to think of the devastation visited on all of those people by that heartless Katrina. I can’t imagine what they’ll be going through over the next weeks and months. I don’t want to imagine. I don’t want to think about it.
I don’t want to think about flooded homes with dead in them being marked with black paint because there aren’t enough refrigerated trucks to move them or places to move them to.
I don’t want to think about the woman who went to the cemetery to see how her son’s tomb held up and saw tombs toppled everywhere, coffins littering the ground.
I don’t want to think.

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  1. Anyone tell Frank that Cheney’s first name is Dick?
    I assume, if he really couldn’t recall at the time of his writing what his name was, he’d get a good laugh out of it.

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