potassium bitartrate overkill

Potassium bitartrate is “a white crystalline powder,” of which my mother has six containers. I discovered the overabundance of the stuff, commonly called Cream of Tartar, when I was looking through her spice cabinet.
why do you have six cream of tartar, you ask her, to which she replies that she doesn’t know. you remember over the past five years her asking you to get her yet another cream of tartar at the supermarket. and so you would do that. you never asked her why she needed so much of the stuff, and now you’ll never know because she doesn’t remember.
Actually, cream of tartar has lots of uses, mostly culinary. And you can also make a paste of it with white vinegar to clean black marks off stainless steel pots an stove burner inserts. I think that’s what she used to use it for. But now we’ll never know.
And so now there’s two lifetimes’ supply of cream of tartar — most of it unopened — sitting in her cupboard.
I absolutely believe that, when it comes to one’s brain, you either use it or lose it. I’m discovering that there were parts I hadn’t used much before, and so I always assumed that I wasn’t good at certain things — like spatial relations and putting puzzle-type pieces together.
But, here I am, putting together my fourth piece of “assembly required” units, and I get better each time. I even went out and bought myself a mini power screw driver. At this very moment, I am sitting at an “assembly required” computer desk with a pull-out keyboard shelf and a drawer that I bought at Rite Aide for twenty bucks. Some of the directions were wrong, and I was missing two screws, but I figured it out. All by myself.
They say “too soon old; too late smart.” I’m on a campaign to prove whoever “they” are, are wrong.
If someone finds six containers of cream of tartar in my cupboard when I’m 89, I’m sure as hell going to know what I use them for.

3 thoughts on “potassium bitartrate overkill

  1. Cream of Tartar is the secret ingredient that makes omelets very fluffy. It also works well with jelly as an ant bait. I don’t think ants like being fluffed. Actually they take it back to their nest, and although a non-toxic powder for us it is not so for them.

  2. It’s also the magic ingredient in . . . Tartar Sauce!
    However, this only take a pinch, so even if you made tartar sauce EVERYDAY, you still have 2 lifetime’s supply of the stuff!

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