Killer Worms Still Attacking

My second continuously most popular post (at least this summer) is the one about the Killer Tomato Worms. Lots of tomato gardeners seem to be having trouble with them this summer. As usual, I was ahead of my time; I fought those damn things last summer, and I lost the fight. (I don’t have a garden this summer.)
I’ve been getting several posts a week from people trying to find out how to get rid of them. I was never able to because I just wasn’t going to sit there, examine each tomato leaf, and literally pick off the little green-blooded buggers.
Interestingly enough, none of the commentors (there are 37 as of tonight) mentioned the bizarreness of the picture I put up of the worm. I guess no one noticed that horn and the big lips are superimposed on a picture of the hornworm. Their heads don’t really look like that.
On the Net, you can’t always believe what you see.
But you can share what you know about any effective way (besides squishing them) that you can get rid of those nasty tomato hornworms. Apparently, they’re on the verge of taking over the world. Or at least the world’s tomato plants.

5 thoughts on “Killer Worms Still Attacking

  1. Oh that’s really a hoot. You know, in looking at the photo of the worm I couldn’t tell which end was up. I just assumed the head was. And we all know what happens when you assume. LOL.

  2. I had my husband get a coffee can, put a half inch of gasoline in it, plucked the little buggers off of the tomato plants and, voila, instant gas chamber. After pulling them off for five days, I haven’t seen another one. Worked for me,

  3. Discovered these worms,UGLY, they started on the tomatoes first and then found my pepper plants and seem to like them as well. The first one I saw I flicked (a big one,it fell in the yard) and then realized there was a whole bunch more on my other plants. In Seneca,SC, this is the first time I tried container plants as our property is too very sloped for a ground garden. I had a garden in Salem, SC 2 years ago, and never heard of or saw these things. I’m going to try to salvage what I have left by picking off what I can and gassing them. Wish me luck!!

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