Over time, I’ve had some interesting challenges converting the use of one object to another purpose. For example, right now I’m attempting to convert tension pole shower caddies (because they are the only inexpensive tension poles I could find anywhere) into fixtures between which I can attach a drapery pole and hang drapes to form a kind of partial room divider. If it works, it’s the perfect solution for my loft space.
As much fun and frustration I have with that kind of “conversion,” I have even more anger and annoyance at the kind of “conversion” that some major religions insist on making their major mission.
I think of this because I saw a car today with a bumper sticker similar to the one below — two car magnet versions of which I just sent for from


— which fit right in with what my ol’s blog pal Jeneane Sessum has been posting about re cults and such.
Coexist rather than try to convert. Now, there’s a thought.
I’m going to put one of those car magnets on my car. The other on my front door.
three who haven’t lived together in almost 50 years have become even more unalike than they were a half-century ago. one mind lives as though it were five decades ago. the other two, while sibling-similar in being set in their ways, have ways that are set in very different personal realities.
conversion is not an option.
compromise is exhausting.
coexistence is a tough — but necessary — lesson to learn — Little Picture and Big Picture. otherwise it’s constant war.

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  1. What you are suggesting is that people engage in their faith, but leave it to themselves. If they truly believe that they’ve found God and that s/he/it is great, then they decided to keep that to themselves, wouldn’t that be selfish? So, you are then suggesting that we live in a world that is much more selfish than it already is? I don’t know if I want to live in that world…sounds very dangerous.

  2. No, I’m not suggesting that people keep their faiths a secret. Part of freedom of and from religion is to be open about what you believe. The point is that you shouldn’t try to convert others to your faith. If your actions as a good person convince others to embrace the same faith as you, that’s wonderful. But there should be no coercion, no missionarism, and no intolerance against others who do not believe as you do.

    That doesn’t sound selfish to me. That sounds very kind and Christ-like, actually.

  3. it’s about acceptance and tolerance. This is a lesson all people need to learn in order to focus on the real problems (poverty, hunger, war, crimes). It’s about time we accept that others have a different opinion on religion and as long as that opinion does not hurt the rest, we should respect any choice.

  4. It’s more about stopping wars over differences in religion than evangelism. That said, keeping your religion to your self is not as selfish as forcing it on others is conceited. As said above, sharing opinions is one thing (and not what is addressed in the bumper sticker)…

  5. I love what you have to say here. Coexistence is a must. Why must so many try to convert as if their religion is the only right religion.

    I have a request. I would like to create a tee shirt using the coexist bumper sticker design combined with the symbol from Disturbed’s Believe Album. On the back I’d love to use your words,

    “conversion is not an option.

    compromise is exhausting.

    coexistence is a tough — but necessary — lesson to learn — Little Picture and Big Picture. otherwise it’s constant war.”

    if you’d let me. The shirt would just be for me.

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