a nod to the Brits on this Independence Day

The Brits (the citizens, that is, not the rulers) have come a long way in these more than 225years. Well, so have we. And now we’re more alike than not.
Thanks to Stu Savory over in Germany for cluing me in to this Flash animation that’s a reminder of how much we have in common with those fellow tea drinkers — especially our distaste of Big Brother.
Here’s to global interdependence.

2 thoughts on “a nod to the Brits on this Independence Day

  1. That was superbly done, one of the best flash animations I’ve ever seen.
    How scary is it, that our deep-seated paranoia and soul-eating loathing of the citizenry is spreading to another continent? New World Order doesn’t sound so conspiratorial now, does it?
    How are we ever going to stop these people? I bet they are all getting measured for the same brown uniforms now, as we speak.

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