the two heads theory

Two heads are supposed to be better than one, right.
Not if one is your 89 year old mom (and you’re trying to get her to pack in an organized way).
Unless she’s playing with your toddler grandson.
(I took a ride yesterday with my mom out to my daughter’s to bring some stuff she can use and I didn’t want to move. Found an auger pile driver in the dollar store for the little boy who loves construction trucks. He also likes explaining how it works to anyone who’ll listen. My mom was a good listener.)
When we got home, I found two heads (below) attached to my windowpane. They’re still there. I assume they’re in that position for a very good reason, but it sure does seem like it’s taking an awful long time for a couple of little bugs!
I don’t know what was in my own head when, a decade ago I rescued this old seen-better-days cactus from the deck of an at-the-time-significant-other who was moving. I think he said it was about 30 years old at the time, having been his mother’s before that. It’s ugly, unwieldy, prickly, and top-heavy. I’ve moved it myself four times now. Yet, I can’t bring myself to toss it. Now it’s part of my family.
So, move it I will, along with all the other stuff I can’t bear to throw out. Heh. Am I my mother’s daughter, or what?

3 thoughts on “the two heads theory

  1. Now, grammy, you should know by now — it’s a jack-hammer/auger drill truck! ;-P
    And I rather like that cactus — for all the reasons you mentioned.

  2. How odd: I’m POSITIVE I left a comment here. This photo is just priceless! I love it! But, now I can’t remember what I said about it. I think I’ve lost my mind…

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