Blog It and They Will Come.

I have to say that I’ve been contacted by the most interesting people who Googled something they were looking for or interested in and found exactly what they wanted in one of my posts.
Take, for instance, Canadian Carrie Watkins, who found this 2003 post of mine because she was trying to track down a particular photo of “Witches at Tea.” She was doing the same thing I was at the time — superimposing the faces of the women in her life over the faces of the old ladies. We’ve kept in touch on occasion, and the last occasion was her sharing of her blog experiment in creative writing: A Witch’s Corner. I promised I would go over and keep up with her story — which I didn’t for all kinds of lazy reasons, so now I will tonight.
And then there’s artist Jan Hurst (from Indiana, I think), who also was looking for the “Witches at Tea” photo to use in a collage. I really like Jan’s work. Some of it reminds me of Laurie Doctor’s wonderful pieces that combine calligraphy and mythic images.
Doncha just love Google??!

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  1. Yes, yes, these search engines are a kick as is the little system through which we can learn what searches were used to get to our blogs, which can be a bit horrifying. Recently, searches that led the searcher to me: “my daughter licked,” and “rub my mother’s thighs.” I’m horrified that those horrifying searches came directly to posts on my blog! Of course the context of each of those words closely spaced together in MY world were most likely vastly different from how the searcher intended such words to be used.

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