b!X is cartoonized

Yup, that’s him as depicted by George Pfromm II, who did the illustration to accompany an article in the Portland Mercury that gave a rundown on the cyber-attack on b!X by a Portland PR flak.
b!X posts about being memorialized suchly here.
I have to admit, that when I saw the cartoon in the Mercury, I wondered if it could be him because of the hat. Then I figured, naw, he’s not important enough yet to be cartoonized. And then I thought, heh, why not! And, sure enough.
Cool, huh?

3 thoughts on “b!X is cartoonized

  1. I know I’m very late getting over there to read your son’s site but I just now took a look. His writing ranks high in the professional journalist level and you must be so proud of him. He seems to genuinely care about his community and I haven’t seen that kind of compassion and committment in a long time.
    Too bad I didn’t have any spare time to meet or visit, else I would have looked him up, at least for a phone conversation to make his acquaintance.
    And, nice hat, by the way.

  2. Hey! On PBS’ “Victory Garden” they are showcasing Portland’s Japanese Garden, right now! Sister city to Sapporo, Japan, there has been, since 1963 (I think they said,) an oasis of nature revered right there in the city of Portland. If I would have known about that I damn well sure would have made time to visit; there is nothing so soothing to the troubled soul as a meditation amongst the water falls and beautiful flowers and trees in a sacred, ancient-inspired setting.
    “And I’ve got to get back … to the garden.” Joni Mitchell

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