Who’s that man behind the curtain?

I haven’t posted about b!X lately, but I’m getting a kick out of the current flap over his curtain peeking. (For those of you new to this weblog, b!X is my erstwhile son who stirs up Portland, Oregon politics to force the truth rise to the top.)
The “man behind the curtain” never likes to have the spotlight focus on his handiwork. Meanwhile, b!X makes no effort to hide who he is or what his weblog is for.
I know that there are lots of webloggers who hide behind anonymity. Personally, I tend to see as more credible those who put themselves out there the way traditional newspaper columnists do — a little photo and a little bio. That makes them real to me and makes what they write more believable.
No curtain here. Just a little ol’ grandma raising hell at the keyboard. Well, maybe not so little. And not so old, either. Heh.

1 thought on “Who’s that man behind the curtain?

  1. Elaine, I gotta tell ys… a little ol’ grandma raising hell … I like your style. I love the reads here, and I’m right behind you on this path. Have a good one! -m

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