speaking of cats…

While she’s no Kazik, she’s mine, lopsided markings, assertive personality, and all.

cat 2.JPG

She always where she’s not supposed to be.
kitchen cat.JPG

And she follows me around like my “familiar.” Heh.
I got her from a pet store, where she was sitting in her pan of litter because the cage wasn’t big enough for her to sit anywhere else. Funny looking and no longer a kitten, she lay like a sphynx in the sand, refusing to look anywhere but straight ahead.
She cost me $25 bucks. She’s worth a million.
Calli. Because she’s a tortoise-shell calico. Or Kali, because….

2 thoughts on “speaking of cats…

  1. What a fab cat! I love her unusual markings and her solid assertiveness. Yes, I often think of my cat as my ‘familiar’ – ubiquitous, unpredictable, omniscient, there, very there.

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