all play and no work…

Of the four members of my band of women who got together for a shared-preparation brunch last Sunday, two are retired and two are still working. The other (newly) retired one, who still works one day a week and is an excellent quilter, talked about now feeling something is missing in her life. Part of it is a chance to be among people, but the other part has something to do with needing to feel that she’s contributing something to society.
One of the group wasn’t there. She’s also retired and has been in Virginia for the past four months golfing, dancing, socializing, reading, and relaxing. When she’s back home, she pretty much does the same thing.
Maybe the rest of us are jealous of her affluence and freedom, but we all seem to feel that we couldn’t live a life that was all just play. I have heard her say that she’s playing now because she can, and who knows how long fate and aging will let her do that.
As much as I complain about caregiving, it does give my life purpose, meaningful work (if you can call looking for a “lost” wallet — again — in the middle of the night “meaningful”; what the hell happened to the beeper that I put in it??!!)
When my mom is gone, I’m sure it will take a while to adjust to having all that free time. Will I need to find something meaningful to do?
Is visiting my friend when she goes to Virginia, visiting my counsins in Florida, and visiting and playing with my grandson meaningful?? Heh. Do you think I’ll care??

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  1. First off – I think I like Old Horsetail! Nice addition to the comments/commentary here.
    Second — meaning is where you find it. Who says you can find it in fun?
    Ask your grandson. šŸ™‚

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