Can’t Stop the Clock

I got up late this morning because I was up late last night checking in on some of my blogging colleagues. Through Ronni’s Time Goes By, I discovered Old Horsetail Snake
From Time Goes By:
A newish addition to the Older Bloggers list is Old Horsetail Snake – 74-year-old Gene Maudlin by name – who blogs from Salem, Oregon about – well, let him tell it:
“I live in what is called, formally, an Assisted Living Community Center. That’s a euphemism for old folks’ home. There are about 60 of us, of varying ages, condition and intent (some came to live, some came to die). Our ages range from 67 to 102. The 102 is in better shape than the 67.
“‘So it goes,'” as Kurt Vonnegut said, often, in Breakfast of Champions. So, this is our story, one comic or tragi-comic piece at a time. And, for the record, some of these stories are true!”

I’ve always thought that weblogging would be a great hobby for older people who are confined for one reason or another. Old Horsetail Snake is a great example of how to keep yourself sane through blogging. And humor.
Ronni also mentions an innovative new service that could be a boon to older people (and others as well.)
Daylo is a new portal website that connects people who need a particular service to people in their neighborhood who can provide that service.
As Ronni explains:
Here’s how it works: You need some assistance, like Millie, packing for a trip. Or you need a lamp switch fixed or some IKEA furniture assembled. Maybe your computer is acting up and you haven’t a clue what’s wrong. If your knee has you laid up for a few days, you could use a dog walker, someone to do the grocery shopping, yardwork or even cooking. This is about hard-to-find help that isn’t listed in the Yellow Pages.
What a great idea!!! Hmm. I have an IKEA-type piece that’s sitting in the corner waiting for me to have the time to put it together. Actually, I can still do those kinds of things. I recently put together the neatest little butcher-block top kitchen workstation that has a place to hid your trash can. Well, it took me a while, and my mother kept coming over periodically to see what I was ranting about.
Mom gets her cataracts measured today in preparation for cataract surgery on one eye. One eye at a time. Maybe seeing more clearly will help her see more clearly. You think??

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  1. And thanks from me too for the mention and for passing on the links to Old Horsetail Snake and Daylo – each in its own way an important addition to the discourse on getting older.

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