pomegranate is my word for today

As I was driving around doing some quick errands the other day, I realized that I didn’t bring my bottle of water with me in the car, and I was getting thirsty. So I figured I’d stop and pick up some fruit for me and my mother and get something to drink while I was at the market. As I happened by the juice aisle, I noticed a bottle of pomegranate juice — ah, just what I need: something tart, thirst quenching and uniquely healthy. It was expensive, but I bought it anyway. Before I got back in the car, I took a big swig, put the cap back on the bottle, and put the bottle on the floor on the passenger side. Yup. As I turned a corner, the bottle tipped over. That’s OK, I thought, the bottle is capped. Nope. Pomegranate juice all over the mat and seeping underneath. Ever try to rinse out a filthy car mat soaked in sticky juice? It’s a frustratingly impossible job.
Sort of like caregiving. Especially when your phone rings at 1 am and she says she can’t sleep because she can’t find her white beaded purse. You say you’re sleeping and will look for it tomorrow. And then your phone rings again at 2 am. Come over here and sleep here she says. You know she’s afraid someone keeps coming in and taking her stuff. It’s either that or you’re taking it, she figures. There’s perfect denial on her part that it might be that she keeps forgetting where she put things. So you go and sleep in the bed next to hers, even though she keeps rambling on about who knows what until 3 am or until you fall asleep (whichever came first).
Pomegranates are full of seeds and also full of myths and religious connections.
spammers who use their free weblogs to create home bases? I emailed Blogger about the abuse of their service but haven’t heard back. Now that big Google owns what was little Blogger, I guess the personal service that Ev used to provide is not at option.
Bleh. I need a stiff drink. Except it’s still morning.
That’s what pomegranate juice is for.

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