a post a day….

Maybe a post a day will keep frustration away. It seems to work for Jeneane, who certainly has more do deal with then most of us — recent surgery; a plethora of baby hamsters; a bright, curious, and energetic young daughter; a husband who travels for his music; and, on top of all that, work.
It’s worth a try.
Woke up this morning to a phone call from my mom saying she can’t find her watch, her money, and her curling iron for her hair. I had already put small beepers in her purse, on her keys, and in her wallet. I keep the fourth, and then I can beep my way to their unfamiliar locations. But putting beepers on her curling iron and watch just won’t work. So those are still missing.
I’ll distract her today by taking her out to get a battery for an old watch.
Meanwhile, I wish a had a fairy godmother who’d come in and clean my apartment.
Now, where the hell are my keys? My watch?
No beeps for me — not yet, anyway.

3 thoughts on “a post a day….

  1. I got the beeper things for my husband, who’s just careless–they work pretty well.
    I read your blog often, and do hope you’ll keep posting daily, for you as well as for your readers…
    Sometime soon my mother & I will be in the same sort of space you and your mother are in now, and I find it useful to read and reflect on your experiences.
    Be good to yourself…

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