My date with Dave Rogers.

I can’t remember the last time I was out on a Saturday night. I can’t remember the last time I had a glass of wine out on a Saturday night.
So, this was a special occasion for me on several levels.
I started reading Dave Rogers’ original weblog, Time’s Shadow, when I began blogging, when we were all a part of AKMA’s fantasy University of Blogaria. (The Happy Tutor reminisces here about those good ol’ days, back in 2001-02))
Then Dave went dark for a while, and I lost track of him. He’s back in the blogosphere with Groundhog Day, and he was back in the Albany NY area this weekend to visit his sisters on the way to Syracuse to visit his folks.
So we made a date to meet. (I told my mother I was going to meet one of my girlfriends, since she panics every time she thinks that I might abandon her in favor of some guy. Dave brought his lovely teenage daughter along to protect him, just in case I proved to be an axe murderer.}
There’s something special about meeting, in person, someone whom you’ve gotten to know through his writing. We only had an hour to chat, though, since Dave had to leave early Sunday morning for his drive, with his offspring, to visit his parents.
But it was a wonderful hour of gossiping about other bloggers; sharing, in person, more details of what we share on our blogs; laughing and imbibing (him beer, me wine). We also shared in some of his daughter’s calorie-filled dessert. It really was like hanging out with a long-time and dear friend.
Dave lives in Florida, so who knows if we’ll ever have a chance for a meet-up again. But, you never know, since I have cousins in Florida, and I plan to visit them often when I’m free of caregiving responsibilities. Dave says he’s going to take ballroom dance lessons. Maybe he’ll give me a spin around the dance floor.
In the meanwhile, thanks for the memory, Dave.


2 thoughts on “My date with Dave Rogers.

  1. Lucky Dave indeed!
    It was fun, Elaine. Sorry we couldn’t spend more time together.
    On a different note, it snowed here in Canastota yesterday (mostly melting as it hit the ground), but Caitie loved it!
    Thanks for getting together, and we’ll definitely have to do it again some time!

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