Attacking the Arctic and the Aged

They’re winding up for that powerful right cross — that maiming Right Double Cross.
Right now, the oil industry’s allies in Congress are plotting a sneak attack on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In the next two weeks, oil industry allies in the House and Senate will try a backdoor trick to pass the controversial proposal to drill for oil in the Arctic Refuge by inserting it into the federal budget bill.
See the website of the Defenders of Wildlife to get a succinct explanation of why drilling for oil in the arctic is not as benign an effort as the oil industry and its flunkies would have you think.
Lend your voice to the those who are trying to stop this sneaky maneuver and save the Arctic Refuge! Click here send a free message to your members of Congress urging them to do everything they can to stop drilling in the Arctic!
And, while you have the Arctic on your mind, check out my Alaskan blogger friend’s blog — Klondike Kate’s Aurora
The lobbying group that orchestrated the Swift Boat guys’ misinformation-filled attack on John Kerry is now after the AARP, using the same kind of sleazy tactics and a war chest of $10 million. It’s all part of the political ultra-Right’s plan to support Bush’s intention to privatize Social Security — an effort that erroneously claims that there is a crisis. But there is no crisis.
(Just like there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction.)
The American Spectator website is running a sleazy and untruthful ad about the AARP in order to discredit its support of maintaining an strengthening the current Social Security system.
Now, I don’t always agree with how the AARP sets its positions on issues — just like I didn’t agree with all of Kerry’s approaches.
BUT in both cases, I looked at the bigger picture and how close they were to my positions on issues AND I totally resent the evil methods that thr Right uses to launch their attacks on those issues.
Such is the case with AARP and Social Security.
Watch out for that Right Double Cross.

1 thought on “Attacking the Arctic and the Aged

  1. I try to keep up with the latest on ANWR but there’s so much confetti blasting the news (and that’s the PLAN, isn’t it?) that I get sidetracked. Every day there are more and yet more heinous attacks on EVERYbody from EVERY direction, that I am becoming helplessly lost, feeling left behind. Which attack deserves the most counter-attack? It’s getting so hard to prioritize. And just when you get one good counterpunch in, you realize that you were just being distracted while they slipped something more toxic in through the legislature.
    So, I guess Rove’s plan worked. We are inundated to the point of impotent paralysis. Bastard.

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