just got home after a week and a half at daughter’s (to help her after surgery) and then grandson got very ill with high fever (waiting now to hear what today’s blood tests show) and I had to stay longer than I planned and my mother wasn’t happy staying where she was staying while I was away, so I leave daughter and sick grandson and go and get her and bring her home where the Crone is welcomed home by over a THOUSAND emails, 183 noted as Spam by Norton, 15 automatically deleted by my Message Rules, and, I’m sure, another 750 sitting in my inbox that are Spam and that I’m going to have to deal with — after making my mom supper and the having a shot or two of Absolute.

3 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. wait, don’t tell me, let me guess – you’re another one of those “holds everything together while everybody else is falling apart” people.
    sounds like somebody over by you owes you a spa day. or 3.
    you can tell them i said so.

  2. Sounds like your brother needs to take care of your mom more often so she doesn’t freak out when left there. Or perhaps he could arrange to come up on weekends to your/her place. It’s only fair!
    What the hell. I mean: wotthehell. 🙂
    A THOUSAND emails, huh? My, my, but aren’t you popular? The spammers must have known you’d be out of town and decided to hold the party at your place. I’m surprised you haven’t been hit yet by the trackback spammers, who decided that spamming comment boxes was just to inhibiting.
    Have a shot on me! I’m buyin’!

  3. know that you know, but I’ll say it publicly: daughter and grandson are grateful beyond saying. 🙂
    And grandson is doing great and back to his terrible twos self.

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