Port City Shoes left a comment here worrying about losing much needed money if they closed on NODD Day. Here’s what I think might work:
How about if you offer a 20% discount coupon for anyone who stops in on January 20th and DOESN’T BUY ANYTHING.
Make the discount good for a week or a month, or whatever works for you. Put a red, white, and blue sign in the window and say “come in today, January 20, and get a 20%-off discount coupon — good for two weeks — as long as you DON’T buy anything today.”
It means that you’ll have to keep the store open to give out the discount coupons. It also will probably mean that people will come in and ask what it’s all about, and you’ll have to admit to your politics. It might also mean that people will stop in who might not otherwise.

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