from passion to fashion

I taped the last hour of the People’s Choice awards because I wanted to see Michael Moore accept the best movie award for his Fareneheit 9/11. Actually, what I did was run the tape on reverse, so that I wouldn’t have to waste time watching any of the rest of it; I just stopped when I got to Martin Sheen and Moore.
But watching it all devolve, I also noticed that Mel Gibson got the award for best movie drama. It’s the fashion these days among both those who believe blindly and those who blind with belief to flaunt the flag of fundamentalism. So, for me, Gibson gets the Flimsy Fashion Award.
Moore, on the other hand, passionate and savvy at the same time, played the patriot that he is. So, for me, Moore gets the Passionate Patriot Award.
On Jay Leno the other night (you can watch the video clip here thanks to Norm Jensen), Moore talked about his current movie in progress — all about our screwed up health care system, especially our HMOs and the drug companies that just love the system the way it is.
Heh. You just have to watch the clip and listen to Moore talk about the drug companies already starting to have “Moore drills” — akin to fire drills — so that if anyone seems Moore approaching the premises, they can take the necessary precautions. I don’t know it that’s true, but it’s a great rumor to spread.

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  1. Oh, crap. I missed it. I remember Himself pointing it out to me in the tv guide and then fell asleep during D’Onofrio’s crime drama. What did Moore win? Best movie? Did he really? That must have been really something to see. I’m so proud of him. He is one of our national treasures.
    I saw a clip btw, showing the pharmaceutical office clerks going through a “drop and cover” kind of training, regarding Moore approaching them, so I guess that part isn’t just rumor. It’s funny that Moore’s very existence has created the need for a new kind of training, reminiscent of the 50s ‘russian bomb scare,’ isn’t it? He’s the new Cold War enemy, lol.

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