A Child’s Wisdom

I remember once someone speculating that perhaps we are born with all the wisdom that it’s possible to have but we lose some with each passing day.
I think of this because my two-and-a-half-year-old grandson. Lex, often seems to “get it” right away.
For example, yesterday, as he and his mother were in their backyard,they saw a cardinal land on top of a bush right in front of them. They had a great view of the bird, and all of a sudden, it jerked its head in their direction. Speaking his mother’s thoughts, Lex burst into a grin and said, “It’s looking at you!” Then the bird flew away. So his mom explained that she thought he might be
afraid of them. To which Lex replied, “Cuz he doesn’t know you”.
All day long he as he walked around, Lex repeated: “The car-di-nal was looking at you!” And then he’d shake his head and put his hands out in a shrug, “but he didn’t know you.”
Lex calls dreaming “remembering.” So he’ll say, “Lex remember this book last night in sleeping.” I just think that’s so cool!

2 thoughts on “A Child’s Wisdom

  1. Rosie is 6 months old & it’s crystal clear that she knows everything. She wakes up smiling broadly & maintains a rictus of absolutely authentic joy on her face all day. We draw great comfort from this, assuming that just the other side of ‘lachrymae rerum’, everything’s going to be just fine!

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