Is this what the rest of the year will be like?

So, I go to wake my mom up at 11 this morning, and I realize that her lips look like Goldie Hawn’s in “First Wives Club” — you know, too much collagen for the lips in question.
My mother has no other symptoms, just swollen lips. OK. An allergic reaction, I figure. But to what? We ate the same food yesterday. Unless she snacked on something. Or is it one of her medications? She’s on an antibiotic for an inflected and swollen gland on the side of her face. Or is it all part of the same syndrome? Or something else entirely, like a bug bite of some sort?
I give her two Benedryl, put her back in bed. Take her off all meds except for her heart. I’ll call her doctor tomorrow if she’s not better.
Is this the way it’s going to be from now on? Some kind of crisis at least once a week? Is this what the rest of the year will be like? Is this what the rest of her life will be like?
Happy New Year.

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  1. Heard about that up here too. Alergic reaction to medication, also on the face. I believe it took steroids and benadryl or some combination like that. Funny, two similar cases within a couple of days of each other, on opposite sides of the continent….

  2. Searching I found your letter about your mother waking with swollen lips.My beautiful daughter often wakes with huge lips and cries as she gets ready for work,not wanting to go out into the world looking like she has bad collagen implants.Can I find out what she`s allergic to?The doc is no help,sends her away with Daktacort,which no longer works.They don`t have time for her……..

  3. I’m eighteen and I’ve also been waking up with swollen lips. It’s funny that the first thing I thought that I looked like WAS Goldie Hawn… Anyways, I am on no meds or anything and this only happens occasionally. I think I’ve made a connection though. This only seems to happen the day AFTER I borrow a lipgloss or use a new lipstick. I think there might be an ingredient in thses products that I am allergic to.

  4. For years I suffered from mouth sores. Four years ago my lips and tongue would swell about once a month. The interval between swelling became shorter and shorter until after a year it was daily. I discovered it was due to sodium lauryl sulfate also known as SLS. I confirmed this discovery by testing with ultra pure SLS from a chemical supply house – Spectrum s1331 for about $35.00 for 25 grams. I applied a one percent solution to a single small spot on my lower lip. Unexpectedly the solution migrated to my tongue and caused it to swell which can be dangerous. (I have had a visit to the emergency ward for anaphylactic shock.) I immediately drove to my allergist to display my finding. He kicked me out and said never darken his doorway because I was a nut to experiment on myself. I drove home downcast after being rejected so. But there was some consolation – I had discovered the source of my allergy – sodium lauryl sulfate. I had spent over $1500.00 total in doctor’s allergy test and discovered nothing. My three allergist had complained to me that there seems to be an epidemic of these symptoms which they have not been able to resolve. They do the test in their office which takes less than a half hour. I have discoved that my reaction usually takes several hours before swelling occurs. It would require a technician to follow the patient for 2 to 24 hours to discover if they were possessed this type of allergy. Most toothpaste, hand soaps, shampoos, and liquid dish soaps contain SLS. I use liquid lye soap (which I make myself) for washing and salt for toothpaste. The swellings and mouth sores are gone.

  5. January 2006
    I have started waking up to swollen lips. I too can not figure out what is causing this over nite. I changed tooth paste but only brush in the morning, so why soo swollen after waking up?

  6. I got up this morning with a huge lip. It only affected the upper lip this time. I sometimes have both lips swollen. I take a lot of meds, however there is nothing new in drugs. It took 7 hours to get to normal.

  7. I have been experiencing swollen lips for months now and have not been able to figure out the cause. Would you suddenly become allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate? I have heard that when you have too much yeast in your intestines you can have chemical sensitivity, swollen lips and a host of other symptoms. Does anyone experience really uncomfortable, peeling lips later in the day after the swelling? My lips peel off several times a day.

  8. I had/have the swollen lip problem. My Dr., Dermatologist, and I finally nailed down that it is something I was putting on my lips that caused it. My lips would swell (huge in the morning and periodic sized throughout the day) and peel off in layers upon layers. They felt sunburn and sometimes even tiny water blisters appeared. I would not even go to work because of the pain and ugliness. Well, through trial and error, I have figured out with lip glosses and balms have caused it and chucked those. The only disturbing thing is that I can’t nail down the ingredient that is causing it. So, I can’t buy lip gloss without being suspicious. Any idea what ingredient to look out for?

  9. Well Im 19 and this started happening to me for the first time like 4 falls ago. It used to be spaced out for a year then months and now it doesnt go away, it’l get better then worse and continue its been doing this for a month now. My lips are big, bright red, itch and burn and around my lips get to the point where puss dripps from it. Its so disgusting,the doctors said it was an allergy and gave me allegra and a shot of anti biotics but till this day there has been no permenant cure. Im t t eh end of my ropes. I just wish there was some way to get rid of this but I dont know what to do. If anyone happens to find out please take the time to email me at ,I would be so greatfull.

  10. I have all of the same issues as well but I find that you can actually feel a warmness prior to the swelling. I stopped messing with them after I felt the heat. My lips don’t swell up as bad but if I do lick or talk to much the activity swells them right up!

  11. Ive been getting swollen lips for the past few months . I can feel it tingle right before it happens. can anyone tell me what this is?

  12. The swelling started on the right side of my face,
    upper side right above my cheek bone,then moved to my
    jaw,Then on Friday morning I woke up with half of my bottom lip swollen,it was huge,I went to the Doctor
    She said it was an alergic reaction(but to what)
    She gave me benadryll,If any more swelling accurs I was to come back.Well I was back that afternoon,the swelling has now moved to my chin and neck,So she gave me a steroid to go with the bendryll,I’m on several different meds,Synthroid,blood pressure,vitamins.But we can’t narrow the cause of the reaction,she checked my blodd pressure pills,they are not the ones that cause swelling.Before the swelling starts my face will get itchy,and starts to feel real tight then the swelling begins.The swelling will go away for a little while then seems to come back with a vengence.I don’t know what to do,Any help
    would be appreciated

  13. I just woke up with swollen lips. Someone mentioned a buildup of yeast in the intestines, and I think that’s it. If you have taken a lot of antibiotics recently it kills the good bacteria as well, and yeast builds up. Take oil of oregano to kill yeast, and acidophilus to replace the good bacteria. I took antibiotics for a long time and my doctor said this might happen.

  14. Hi I also have this on going problem with swollen lips, during the summer I would break out in serious hives..I’ve been to an allergist which has been no help I actually was rushed to the emergency room for my entire face swelling an spent a day in the hospital. I do now take medication called doxipen, but still here and then I wake up with swollen lips or chin.. this whole thing is driving me insane and really depressing me. What could it be..stress or is there something else? please help

  15. I have suffered with this problem since 2002, i have went to tons of doctors with no avail, just a lot of bills. My face may start to itch and then swell, any where an eye, lip,chin or forehead and then it may switch to another eye or lip. I take prednisone but it mskes me gain weight, If anyone can help let me know

  16. The problem with my swollen, itchy lips and mouth started in June of 2005. I’ve seen my doctor twice, a dermatologist and an allergist. At first I thought it was poison oak, but then the small white bumps on my hand went away in a month with cream and the problem with my lips didn’t. Nothing I did seemed to make a difference. I gave up red wine, then coffe. Dumped all my makeup and stopped using lipstick. It seemed when I ate spicy foods, it got much worse, so now I try to eat only bland, unsalty foods. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon last week who has me using an anti-fungal cream for one week. Within an hour of putting the cream on, my lips burn even more. I see him again tomorrow for him to try another cure. He’s also going to do more blood test for vitamin/mineral deficiencies and to check my hormones. I’m 48.

  17. For those whose doctors can’t seem to find out what’s causing the swelling, do an Internet search for “candida” — this is one site:
    One non-prescription way to combat candida in your system is to take oil of oregano to kill it off and then acidophilus to increase the good bacteria in your digestive tract. When candida gets a hold in your system, it doesn’t give up easily. It suppresses your immune system, and antibiotics only make it worse. One thing that helps, if you are, or have recently taken antibiotics, is to start taking acidophilus (the kind that you find in the refrigerated section of a health food store is the most potent).

  18. I’ve been experiencing this problem for almost a year now; the first time in May 05, again in November 05 and now starting Feb 18, 06. First my lips feel very hot, then get bright pink, almost red and swollen. A few hours later they actually start to ‘weep’ an almost clear, yellow-ish watery fluid, and if I don’t keep some kind of lotion or cream on them my lips get crusty and hurts to move them.
    The first time this happened it lated about 3 weeks. The second time lasted about 3 days. And this time, so far its been 3 days…
    As far as causes, could be many things. My skin has been very dry lately, I’ve been under a little more stress than usual. The day before this happened I ate some peanuts, strawberries and soy-based food (which I’ve eaten before with NO problem). The morning this happened I used a lip gloss I usually don’t use, but have used before. I had a bit of avocado and some wasabi-soy sauce flavored almonds about 1/2 hour before I noticed the burning lips.
    I’m so thankful I found this page and see other people are having the same problem. Doctors have told me it’s just an allergy to something and then it got infected and gave me Desonide Ointment and Mupirocin Ointment to put on it. I have sice thrown the lip gloss away and am going to watch what I eat very carefully.
    I would appreciate anyone contacting me about this at

  19. For the past four weeks I have experienced fat, burning lips especially upon waking. I have eliminated different things to see if they were a problem, but nothing helps. I take a potent vitamin supplement (for years)and watch my diet. Also, I am allergic to tree pollen and weeds, so take Allegra for that, but not usually at this time of year (Jan/Feb). Just as I think it is going away and I can smile without feeling like my lips will crack wide open, I again wake with the symptoms. Burn, baby, burn! Since I am on vacation (what a drag to have it happen now) and very relaxed (except about this), I will have to see my doc when I get home. But after reading all the above comments, she probably won’t have an answer, either. Thanks for making me feel not alone! Db in a cool Palm Desert

  20. Hi, I woke up yesterday with a hard lump right above my lip and now its swollen. Just my top lip though. I dont know if I ate something or if I hit myself in my sleep but it just keeps getting bigger. There are no open sores or anything, I dont know how I got this. I’m going to see a doctor today, hopefully the swelling will go down, and I hope I dont have cockroaches or something crazy like that.

  21. I was exposed to mold for 5 years. Every since then I have got the swollen lip. Some times worse than others. I have use a product called Three-Lac. It levels out the yeast in your body. It has made a big difference in how I feel. I do not count on doctors to help me. I had to do what I needed to for myself. Its hard with all the hype and garbage floating around. You really dont know who to believe. I do however know my own body.

  22. Me too! Me too! What’s up with this?? I’ve had it since this Christmas when I ate some sugar cookies with red sprinkles. I felt a tingle and some bumps within 15 minutes and the next morning I woke up with those very large lips that women spend a lot of money trying to get. Later that day they started to get blistered and weepy (not so pretty) then for several days they peeled bad. I’ve had a light case of the same thing ever since. What is up, is there a doctor in the house? Why haven’t any of us found out what the problem is? My email is if anyone has any answers. Thanks. Shonna

  23. Thank goodness I am not the only one! The lip swelling has been happening for about 4 months now and it has been so frustrating. I tried narrowing down the cause – gave up apples, stopped eating peanuts and peanut butter, applied only vaseline to my lips and nothing seems to help. I think I may have finally figured it out – I think I am allergic to lipsticks and lipglosses that contain Mica. I really hope this is it!

  24. Man oh man! i thought i was just going crazy!! ever since my last period (around april 10) my lips started developing little bumps on it. i wasnt that worried because this happened before…when i was in high school. i would just scratch it off like little pimples i guess, and my lips would be smooth again. But this time, it came with a vengence. last week it was just little bumps again..”ok ive seen this before, no biggy”. But later…my lips started swelling up (only in the morning though). and THEN!! my lips started to become weepy! and oh did it weep!! i would wake up with crust on my lips, it made my lips hurt to move…and when i brush my teeth, the pain is so unbareable that i cry!!! this is rediculous! first i assumed it was because of my changed lifestyle. i recently started working out (again), started eating a different cereal (that ive never had before) with skim milk (never had this before either). I take suppliments because of my workouts…multi-vitamin..vitamin C & E…Calcium…weight loss shakes..and also ive been taking Breast Gain (a breast enhancement pill … im so insecure..). but yea, so after swelling and weepy for a couple of days, i first thought it was the Calcium pill. i read somewhere that an overdose of calcium can have the same affect (swollen lips with sores). and plus, i take my calcium at night…so it just seemed to fit. when i didnt take my calcium pill at night, the swelling went lips were just itchy and peeling. It would be so dry, it would hurt me to open my mouth to try and eat. so, i would put lip gloss or chap stick on it (ive been using “softlips” since high school…and i recently tried “blistex lip infusion” and “blistex silk and shine”…i alternate here and there so i dont know if this is the problem). But last night, i didnt take a calcium pill, i didnt drink a shake (my shake has calcium too) but i did take my multi (has calcium, so does my milk), but i still woke up with swollen, weepy lips. so now, i think its not the calcium. although it does seem logical that my overdose on calcium did not go away yet…it probably takes a while to escape the body…and maybe when i lay down the calcium circulates more? i dont know. but im get frustrated. i called in at work again! im getting mad now. its affecting my life wayyy too much.
    from reading everyone’s post. it seems like the cause could be anything!! im still suspecting calcium overdose…but now im also starting to suspect lip glosses and chap sticks. my new lifestyle should be promoting health, i do not see how it would affect me like this..but who knows. i plan to lay off all of my suppliments for a few days. i doubt it was the skim milk, because my tongue didnt get swollen… the only other thing that gets close to my face is…face wash? i also thought it was eczema..on my lips. because my mother has eczema. i read that eczema can be brought up from dust mites, dirtyness and things of that sort. but i washed my sheets and cleaned my entire room once i read that..and i still woke up with swollen lips.
    if anyone has any information…PLEASE EMAIL MEEE!!!!

  25. ok, so it seems im not the only one with this problem. i recently (starting last week…around when i started my period..maybe april 10th) noticed little bumps on my lips…which later turned into swelling and weepy lips. The bumps, ive had before..back in high school. it only happened once. i scratch it off..little balls came out like small pimples, and it went away. But now, the little bumps became weepy, and my lips are dry and itchy. I just changed my diet and started working well as started taking more suppliments. The only thing different i can think the skim milk i use for my cereal, the cereal and the suppliments. the rest ive done before (but who knows…) ive never had skim milk before, nor have i ever eaten special k cereal. but for some reason i highly doubt the reason is this.
    i read somewhere that it could be eczema (i dont know if you can get it on your lips though..), my mother has eczema so i thought this could be possible. It said that dust mites and dirtyness in general could cause eczema…so i washed the sheets and cleaned the room. but still, i woke up with swollen lips.
    then i read somewhere that it could be an overdose of calcium. which could be, because i was taking a multi-vitamin, milk with my cereal, a weight loss shake, as well as a calcium suppliment at night. for a time, i thought the reason could be this…because i took calcium at night. i stopped taking it for a couple of days and my lips went down..but it still itched and hurt. so i figured, ok i just wont take calcium for a while till this goes away..
    but today! i woke up with swollen, weepy lips AGAIN! from i read on this post, it might be what i put on my lips. i usually only use chap stick or lip gloss-like chap stick. these things ive used before…so i dont know. the only other thing i could think of that comes close to my lips face wash (st. ives acne scrub). but i do not think its this either. just doesnt seem logical. so for the time being…and from what ive learned here .. i will assume its what i put on my lips (possibly an allergic reaction to something in the chap stick).
    but if anyone has any more information on this, i would surely appreciate it!! im in desperate need here, i had to call in at work..AGAIN because of my lip issue…this thing is affecting my life more than i would want it to..

  26. Hi all! well I have had this swollen lip problem for about two yrs,and it all started I thought because I had a bad tooth but around that time I started antidepressents, and I was having trouble with my thyroid, So I was just so clueless what might be causing this. Well I had the tooth pulled, still lips swollen, I have changed antidepressents still the problems exist. So I thought maybe allergies, because I had moved from two different states in this period, And I had started using a lips gloss but my lips were swollen before this, I am on synthoid so I thought my dosage might be two much got to get checked out again because my dosage is high. well I also have this severe nail biting problem and I am wanting to relate this to it, because the last two days i have been biting my nails alot and I woke up this morning with major swollen lips, but also not to forget I have recently been exposed to a break out of poison ivy, could this be it just going through my system, but if so my lips would not off and on be swollen for two years. It all boils down to doctors saying it a allergic reaction, It could be anything for a while I thought it was alot of exsposure to the sun, because I spent all day out in the sun the day before my recent reaction. If anyone fiqures this out, please fill us in because I am swollen and clueless, but still hopeful. Lisamarie1010

  27. Well, I seem to be having the same problem, this is what happens;
    At first a part of my lip will start to tingle and it continues to tingle, and about 10-15 minutes later it will start to swell up, usually starting with a hard lump type of feeling. Around half an hour later the lip will be quite noticibly swollen, and still have a tingly, sort of itching sensation. I have noticed that it occurs, in my case, in the morning usually 10-12am. Now that it has occured at least more than 5 times, and watching it closely, I have recently also noticed my tounge starting to swell, on the side. This has only happened twice, one time on each side. It seems to me that it follows sort of a pattern. Starting at the the top left lip, traveling from the top right lip, to the bottom right lip and the bottom left lip, then the right side and then left side of the tounge each time it swells. I have gone to the doctor for this but he was no help to me and dismissed it as an allergic reaction. I have been tested for allergys and none have been found. It is quite embarrising, me being 14 and all, to be at school, sitting in class and suddenly having a swollen lip and walking around school with it. So if anyone having the same type of symptoms or knowing something about this could please respond, I would greatly appreciate it.

  28. Nice to know others are having the same problem. It lasted for about a year on and off for me about 8 years ago and then abruptly stopped. this week it happened again starting with a little bump on my inner lip which became warm and then I knew it was going to swell. Only laste until the next morning though which was much better than the several day version that I used to get. My doctor says it is an allergy just like the others and I guess it’s up to us to find the allergen. Such a mystery with allergies – you can be allergic one time and not the other. It is not fun and embarrassing! If it were evenly matched on both lips, and not too swollen, it could take the place of Restalyne treatments :-). Is it primarily a female problem? I don’t know many males who get it!

  29. I’ve had this problem for a few months now, off an on. It ranges in severity from me not wanting to leave the house to just feeling a little warmth with a light pink area about my mouth.
    A quick trip to the ER and a shot of a steroid (prednisone, etc), followed by a tapering dose of the same steroid, seems to cure it, or at least give me some temporary relief. However, a few days after the steroids are gone, the swelling shows back up. I can usually feel a little warmth before it happens.
    I have had no change in diet, I don’t clean with toxic chemicals, etc, and I really dont think this is an allergic reaction. OTC allergy meds and prescription allergy meds do nothing for me, even Benadryl.It shows up at all different times, I can’t link it to anything in particular that I am doing. I have been vegan/vegetarian for almost ten years and am hoping this is not a food allergy I’ve recently developed.. It doesnt really itch so much as burn, its not sores, it just sort of peels and feels uncomfortable.
    My primary care doctor is currently testing me for lyme disease, anemia/low iron count, pancreas/kidney/gall bladder/liver issues, yeast issues, lupus, rheumatiod arthritis, various other autoimmune disorders, and thyroid. All of these things could possibly cause facial swelling.
    Swelling of the mouth area can also be a viral infection, can be caused by mono, or any of the various forms of hepatitis, which I do not have.
    I am also seeing an allergist for complete scratch test, I recommend making a list of items you use or eat on a daily basis, as you can develop an allergic reaction at any time in your life.
    I have a pretty good idea that I may be reacting badly to salicylic acid (ingredient in facial products, some makeups, mostly used to clear up skin problems). I will use tea tree oil products from the Body Shop instead.
    Good luck to everyone.
    Email me at if you have any suggestions or tips for me!

  30. Hello its yongda again,
    ive actually had this issue happen 2 times since the last incident. what i really found was…everytime i use the wrong would start the tingling process…then the swelling.
    I found that when i use a more natural chapstick (no cooling sensations), my lips tend to heal much faster from this issue. Currently im using “chapstick – all natural” and so far its the only one that works. even the vaseline i was using before did not work for too long. just a temporary relief.
    but yea, then i lost my chapstick on day and had to use my boyfriend’s carmex….it swelled again. so my boyfriend rushed to buy me my chapstick all natural…and slowly but surely the pain started to go away…and the swelling, and the weeping.
    so this has been the only thing that has worked for me. and from my own experiences, it must have been what came in contact with my lips that caused a reaction.
    hope this helps!
    my email is still:

  31. Interesting to read the comments
    I have the same problem.
    Wake up with swollen lips.
    Originally very non-symetrical, and bulbous, therefore gruesome looking.
    Now a little more more symetrical.
    Allergy tests inconclusive.
    However, as a test, I now intend to avoid soap / shampoo / toothpaste, for a few days, after reading the “SLS” comment above.
    GP has prescribed “Prednisolone” steroid tablets.
    I have been told (dont know how reliable the information is), that steroids can make you more suseptible to the condition that they are treating.
    Intending to contact alternative therapists here in London (herbalists etc) to widen the scope of my search for some relief.

  32. I found something that may work. Yi Min, it’s a Chinese herb that I got at my acupuncturist’s office. Yi Min is by Pro Botanixx. VERY IMPORTANT-we all may be having an adverse reaction to the bad bacteria – due to yeast build up – in the intestines. You have to stay away from breads made with white flour (which is made of wheat and simply bleached), stay away from all fruit, sugar, candy, cookies, basically all carbs for a full 10 days. After that only brown rice and start introducing fruit into your system.
    I too was in horrible pain and scared with this swolen lips thing, the burning, the peeling, the swelling…it was both scary and confusing since we don’t know why this is happening to us. I couldn’t believe the same things everyone wrote. In the last 6 days I’ve not had even a tingle or a break out of swollen lips because my acupuncturist (who is also an R.N.) and I believe it is the buildup of bad yeast…
    please try to stay away from the items listed above as well as anything SPICY, believe me it’s HARD…..I’ve only had meat and salad with cucumbers for the last 6 days, I’m grouchy. But with the Yi Min and abstinence, it’s working.

    I wish everyone the very best in life, God Bless you and take good care of yourself.
    If you wish to email me with questions, I’ll help as much as I can. it’s —

    Warm Regards…….

  33. I am in need of some serious help. It all started last year May 2006, I woke up with swollen, red, dry, itchy and scaling lips. There was these white little bumps releasing fluids. It hurt for me to eat, talk and open my mouth. It lasts about 4-5 days, at which time the swelling starts to go down and more peeling begins. I dont know what to do. I’ve seen so many doctors, I’ve even been to 2 different hospitals and they dont think it’s anything serious enough to do an allery test or to even look into it. They told me it was the sun. Well I wasnt in the sun, I dont like the sun. I’ve noticed that I only get it in the summer. All winter nothing happend. And as soon as summer 2007 hits I wake up one morning with it again. I’v been going through this for a year now. I really cant take anymore of this. I’ts taking over my life. I miss work every time I get it. I’m getting married in 3 months and worry everyday that I’ll wake up on my wedding day with these ugly swollen lips. I’m afraid my finacee will leave me, because when I have it I hide myself and dont want others to see how horrible I look, not to mention it really hurts too. I just want my life back. If I cant figure this out I dont know what I’m going to do. I’m really frustrated. I think I gonna die, lose my job, or lose my fiancee and maybe even end up in a mental institute all because of this.

    Please if anyone knows something, or anything about this, please help! 🙁


    Might be “Dermatographic Urticaria (Skin Writing Hives). Try the link above.
    Have the same problem. As soon as I get 1(one)hive anywhere on my body I put ice “around” the area and take antihistamine (Loratadine)for several days. Mine seems to be triggered by scratching, sudden heat (exercise or emotional response),or pressure(such as sleeping on my face and or even standing in one place for too long triggers hives in my knees).

  35. Hello,

    I can’t believe how many people have this problem! I thought I was alone. I also experience swollen lips that develop small blisters that weep and then my lips peel and peel. I’ve had this for four months now and my original episode was so severe, I was out of work for a week and visited the hopspital twice. I also have spent thousands on doctors and derms who just keep telling my it’s herpes, but both my blood and lip culture are negative for the virus and my symptoms just don’t match!

    Has anyone found what causes this?? I have an appt with an allergist, but am not hopeful it will help. If anyone has successfully cured this, please, please e-mail me!

    For all those who haven’t figured it out, I wish you well. From experience, this is an awful, frustrating problem.

    e-mail me at:

  36. I have been having problems with my lips also. They are swollen and very sore with tiny little blisters that I can’t even see, I just feel them burst when I rub my lips together. The symptoms have come and gone and returned over and over for about five weeks now. Some days are so bad I can hardly talk and other days they are just uncomfortable when my organic lip balm wears off. I just finished a whole body cleanse about two weeks ago and I thought the symptoms would subside when I stopped the cleanse. They were really painful this week, so I kept track of my diet and figured out that tomatoes caused the flare ups. I went to a local natural nutritional store and asked the manager. He said that I have too much arginine and not enough lysine in my body. Absence of lysine can cause cold sore outbreaks and sore lips. He suggested that I take a supplement and also get a topical application of it. Some of the foods Arginine is found in are nuts, seeds, peas, tomatoes, chocolate, whole wheat, brown rice, popcorn, cola, coffee, tea, red wine. Some of the foods Lysine is found in are yogurt, eggs, cheese, fish, meat, milk, potatoes. I am feeling better already. Good Luck!

  37. Make sure these arent fungal or candida infections PLEASE. This is far too often overlooked as a cause for all of these types of recurring issues. I found out and it has helped ALOT. I’m using coconut oil in my diet alot and make my own medicines from it now. Who knew yummy REAL coconut oil/butter was such awesome medicine! Also I have gone on a full Candida diet now and cut all sugars and the other stuff that really sets the stuff off.

    Antibiotics sadly ALWAYS make it worse by killing all the good bacteria in your body that fight off the bad stuff…then the bad stuff overgrows and starts getting into your tissues! They are plants too afterall, growing through your body. EEP!

    One other hurdle in battling this type of issue, besides the eating thing, is the fact that MOST doctors dont even see it as a problem and often refuse to suggest a test. If you even for one second think you may have a Candida problem seek HELP IMMEDIATELY by a doctor that WILL help you! If you are on assistance makd them give you a candida test. Tell them you think you were infected somwhow…anything to get it done!

    If you don’t get rid of this stuff, it goes systemic and penetrates vital organs shutting them down one by one and ultimately you die. Get Checked!!

  38. I have same problem also. Couple days ago, I found little bumps on my lips. I started to use lip gloss (chap stick and vaseline) to gloss it over. But the next day, I woke up with my lips swollen and very sore with tiny little blisters weeping! I was very terrified, so I called my dermatologist right away. I thought it was my allergic reaction to my acne medicine that I started to put on my face about a month ago. But my doctor informed me that it was an eczema. She proscribed me Desonide Ointment to put on my lips. I hope it works… I’m feeling better, but the little bumps are not all gone yet and it’s been a day of using it.

  39. Hi All,

    A few years back I had the same little water/puss filled bumps all over my hands, it looked like a really bad sun burn or water blisters. I had this for about two and half years before it suddenly went away. I, like many of you consulted my family physician numerous times to no avail and had two allergy tests conducted which were also inconclusive.

    A few months ago the bumps on my hand reappeared, but in smaller numbers and on fingers that it didn’t occur on before.

    The reason for my post, is that this month I have no hand version of those little blisters but a lip and top of the lip version. I take acedophilis daily (and have been for over a year for other reasons) and so the fungeral theory doesn’t work for me.

    I think it might be hormonal/ birth control related, perhaps it’s an allergic reaction to that type of hormone. I know many of you had similar symptoms and some of you found answers but for those who haven’t, perhaps this is something worth looking into.

  40. Hi everyone,
    i have been having “chapped” lips as my doctor said for about three months now, and she told me to stop all use of chapsticks and vaseline and use this intensive repairwear lip balm from Clinique( which was not cheap) and drink plenty of water, well i have been doing that for about a month now and nothing has changed, my lips are puffy, are red around the edges, and VERY dry, i have been using all natural chapstick, vaseline, lotion, everything, and it has not gone away. They get to the point where i have to put something on them every two minutes because if i dont, they burn very bad and itch to the point it makes me crazy. If anyone has answers, please email me . I am trying to make an appointment for the dermatoligist that wont take two months to get in, because i can not deal with this very frustrating ordeal for another month! please help me!

  41. Kaity:
    I’ve been having this problem for a few months now, too. While I haven’t seen a doctor yet, I have found a relief, although not a cure.

    Don’t be grossed out, but I use Preparation H with hydrocortisone 1%. The Prep H reduces the swelling and the hydrocortisone reduces the redness and itching. I remembered this as a beauty solution I heard about years ago to relieve puffy eyes.

    When I first put this on, my lips started to burn and tingle and I thought immediately “Oh, no, what have I done?” but it went away after a minute and gave me instant relief.

    If I’m staying home, I usually put on a liberal amount, but if I’m going out, I’ll put on a small amount with a small amount of Vaseline on top. This way it doesn’t look like I have white goop on my mouth. I do this throughout the day as needed.

    It’s worth a try! Hope this helps.

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