I’m back; b!X is front and center

I just got back from visiting my grandson and discovered that
1. b!X was interviewed by the Blog Herald — “Death in the Blogosphere: Christopher Frankonis of the Portland Communique,” which says
…..this is a blog with many friends. It has been listed by the local press in the Willamette Week Give Guide as worthy of donation, and has drawn attention from diverse sources including New Media Musings and the UK based dot Journalism.
The Blog Herald asked Christopher Frankonis a few questions in relation to the imminent death of the Portland Communique and whether there may be a last minute reprieve, with a series of answers that demonstrate one man’s commitment to blogging and the art of online journalism……

2. And, on top of that, tomorrow, the “Oregon Territory” program on Oregon’s public radio station will air a conversation about blogging that features b!X and two other Oregon bloggers. You can hear the discussion via Streaming Audio.
B!X hasn’t given up trying to find a funder for the Portland Communique. Maybe these exposures will help.

1 thought on “I’m back; b!X is front and center

  1. The radio thing was put together well, in the end. It’s too bad none of the A-List bloggers who blog about blogs thought it was worth directing their readers to. I guess if it isn’t A-Listers discussing blogging, it doesn’t count.
    And I don’t say that because I was one of the three Oregon bloggers involved in the discussion.

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