How about this for transforming energy?
rrpic b.jpg
As my Ex (b!X’s dad) and I were saying goodbye to our son at the train station. we both took photos. They all came out normally, except for the above (which is exactly how it came out — no pixel tinkering, no Photoshopping).
Of course, given my addiction to magic and metaphors, especially magical metaphors — I had to post this one of my last moments with b!X before he got on the train.
My heart-light was definitely beaming.

5 thoughts on “Photo-synthesis

  1. isn’t Pixel Tinkering a character from a Tom Robbins novel or something? Or was that Pinkie Tinkleton…
    Also made me think “Pxltnkrng, the super-villain from another dimension”…
    watch out for those pink beams of light, P. K. Dick said they were a doozy…

  2. Hah. If Pixel Tinkering isn’t a character from somewhere, she should be.
    And wasn’t it Mr. Mxplyxpktic or something like that? From Superman? Batman?
    Pink’s the color this season, doncha’ know?!

  3. It’s obviously spirit energy trying to tell you something. Maybe a mobster that got hit and killed, train stations would be a good place for that. Have you tried somehow enhancing that so you can see it better ? Or researching what happened at that train station in the past ? How interesting that he/she/it chose you to reveal themselves……..
    Fred G.

  4. Oh, also, was this taken with a regular camera that uses film , or with a digital ? Just curious, as the interaction may be at the level of the molecule, as in some silver interaction or something, or, maybe just some form of EMF that we don’t normally see unless we have “improved” our vision

  5. It was taken with a digital camera.
    The train station is brand new, built over the old one. Since it’s on a frequently traveled route to New York City, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if many violent people have ridden those rails, way back to the time of Legs Diamond, who was killed in an apartment just across the river from the station.
    I haven’t tried ehhancing the photo. I’m not good at doing that, but maybe I’ll try.

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