I’ll never get used to Spam.

There’s the Spam we all hated as kids — that salty, odd-tasting, hammy block of mystery meat that everyone ate during WWII because there was rationing of the good stuff and Spam was cheap. We put up with it because he had to.
Now we have another kind of spam that I’m getting more fed up with than I was with the original edible version. This weblog had over a hundred spam comments hawking drugs and whatnot from the same IP address. I do have a blacklist package that’s supposed to alert me when I get a comment; then I can decide if I want to delete it and blacklist the poster. Somehow this clever spammer has figured out how to leave a comment without being noticed by the blacklisting mechanism. I finally figured out how to get rid of the spam comments in a very roundabout way. b!X says that when he gets back to Oregon he’ll upgrade the software that makes this blog happen and the problem should be fixed.
Meanwhile, this spam is making me about as nauseous as the Spam of old. I wish I could puke all over the “Socrates/Antonio” who keeps leaving spam comments from IP He’s indefatigable. Well, guess what, so am I.

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