The radicalization of the rest of us

P. Diddy may have stolen my years-old “VOTE OR DIE!” slogan and pimped himself all over the media as a result, but that’s okay, I’ve got a new one, although it’s not quite as sublime.
Push back, or get the Hell out of my way.

So ends b!X’s eloquent essay about his (and Portland’s) response to the election results. Be sure to follow the links, especially this one and this one for some graphically appropriate statements.
His links show that I’m not the only one advocating seceding from the broken Union. And maybe the time is coming to seriously think about moving to the proposed Republic of Cascadia.
Non-blogger myrln reports: Daily Show tonite: If you want to make same sex love or visit a library, this is probably the last night you can do so.
More than five decades of pushing back has made for a tiring political effort to keep America from falling off the Righteous edge, but, hey, there’s a dance in the ol’ dame yet.
And so I’ll still be pushing — only now even harder.

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