Kerry will take us to middle ground.

The front page of the Perspectives section of my local newspaper today endorses Kerry with some very succinct prose about why to vote for Kerry as

the candidate who will take the country back to the center, where it should be

Even though my own politics tend more toward the left, I accept the fact that, in a democracy such as ours, the place to be on a national level (at least most of the time) is at the center. That’s where things that need to get done will get done with as much fairness and equality as possible.
I particularly like this part of the way the editorial presents Kerry’s strengths:
….We heartily endorse Sen. John Kerry for president. In almost every way, he’d be better at such a crucial job at such a critical time.
Mr. Kerry, we’re confident, would govern from reasonably close to the political center, as Mr. Clinton did. Mr. Kerry’s long career in public life, dating back to his days as a Navy officer and then an anti-war activist, reveals a pragmatic but principled man. It reveals an unusually sharp intellect, and a president capable of seeing not only the dangerous world that Mr. Bush sees, but the complicated world that Mr. Bush will never see.
Unlike Mr. Bush, Mr. Kerry would be a president capable of learning from the mistakes that are inevitable in that job…..

In an email to family, b!X makes this prediction:
Since (1) young voters, who registered in high numbers, live on cell
fones which aren’t called by pollsters, and (2) new registrations of
any kind have a lagtime before showing up in public records pollsters
can use to call and so also aren’t being called by pollsters…
…the big story this election will be the media getting a story wrong
for the umpteenth time in the past four years. With the “get out the
vote” ground troops all across the country, the lead of Kerry over Bush
is going to be just enough to make all the worries about recounts, and
repeats of 2000, irrelevant.
(Like they say, the military always fights the previous war, the media
always plans to report the previous story.)

So much of the Bush campaigning and the press’ reporting has skewed [sic] things up badly. I can only hope that a moment of clear thinking will come upon the still undecided as they reach to pull one lever or the other.
Middle ground, people. This is OUR America, not just theirs.

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