An open post to my Stolen Honor commentors

I posted the following as my last comment on my post about the Stolen Honor video. Fifty comments, all but two male vets, as far as I can tell, just makes it seem that enough is enough. So, here’s what I said there, in case you missed it:
And I would be happy to watch Stolen Honor the same way I watched Moore’s movie — buy renting it from Hollywood videos. I couldn’t watch Moore’s movie on tv because it was considered to be an unfair advantage to the Dems, so I don’t want Stolen Honor to be on tv for the same reason.
And, please note, if you want to continue the discussion here, it will have to be without me, since I continue to post my perspctives in other pieces on I don’t have the time, energy, inclination, to repeat them here, although I will continue to keep reading any comments left. I do, after all, have an 88 year old mother to take care of and a two-year old grandson I can’t wait to go out and visit. On the grand scale of history, it tends to be MOSTLY women who are the life-givers, and MOSTLY men who are the life-takers, isn’t it?
I repeat what I said on this post :
There are those Americans who think everything is fine and the past four years have been fine (except for 9/11) and the current president is fine.
And there are those of us who think we need a drastic change in the direction our democracy is moving, both because of and despite 9/11.
All of the reasons for believing one or the other fall into one or the other categories.
I’m voting for change. It’s as simple (and as complex) as that.
And, btw, we liberals take it for granted that the “disgusting things” perpetrated by terrorists and be-headers and other evil-doers in other parts of the world need to be dealt with, and we Americans need to participate in neutralizing their power. We take it for granted, so we don’t see the point in arguing that. We agree they need to be dealt with. That’s why we got into WWII. But the way Bush did it in Iraq is the wrong way. Finding the right way will not be easy. Bush makes it SOUND easy by his simplistic sound bites/bytes. But fighting corruption and repression is very very complex. Bush is not equipped to handle such complexity. He’s proved that. Kerry is.
This is my last comment. You can read my lips at as time goes by.

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