Waiting for Bin Laden

This is the beginning of a disturbing piece that I found via Doug Alder — along with links to all the other writings referred to below.
During the home stretch of the Northamerican elections, Osama bin Laden could prove to be the ace in the sleeve of president Bush. As we speak, Washington is negotiating a highly secretive agreement with Beijing, the Chinese capital, for the eviction of bin Laden from his sanctuary in the turbulent Muslim provinces of China, in the Northwest of the Great Wall nation.
An when you finish reading that, check out Arianna Huffington’s excellent piece that includes the following:
Thanks to the Bush campaign’s unremitting fear-mongering, millions of voters are reacting not with their linear and logical left brain but with their lizard brain and their more emotional right brain.
What’s more, people in a fog of fear are more likely to respond to someone whose primary means of communication is in the nonverbal realm, neither logical nor language-based. (Sound like any presidential candidate you know?)
And that’s why Bush is still standing. It’s not about left wing vs. right wing; it’s about left brain vs. right brain.

And how does that all translate into what winds up happening in our individual lives? Heh. Read Jeneane Sessum’s take on it here.
It’s not the oblivion that bothers me–it’s the blind obedience. It’s the Bush era mentality. Be a good little American soldier, do your duty, and ask no questions, she writes as she tells about the toxic mold in the privatized school her daughter goes to and how this corporate-run Bush-flavored institution is going about doing almost nothing about it.
And, finally read about the testimonies of Vietnamese who witnessed what actually happened with Kerry and his swift boat incident during the war there:
On Nightline, Vietnamese witnesses further debunked Sinclair exec’s report on Kerry’s Silver Star
I’m with Jeneane when she writes:
Once we lose our critical thinking ability — our drive to question, to wonder, to know — we lose everything.
You want black and white thinking? I’m choosing black.
You want for us or against us? I’m choosing against.
March on lambs of Bush.
But march without me.

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