Rock harder. Vote or Die.

Not only does Dumbya insist that we aren’t going to need the draft because the volunteer army is working, he doesn’t want young people even bringing up their worries about it. He certainly doesn’t want them making it an issue worth discussing. So, as reported here:
……Now, the youth voter participation group Rock The Vote has been pushing this issue recently, calling for an election-year debate on the topic in ways you can see if you do a quick google search with their name in it.
And what has the response been from the president?
This week RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie sent the group a ‘cease and desist’ letter threatening legal action against the group and raising the possibility of seeking the revocation of the group’s status as a tax-exempt 501c3 organization if the group did not cease discussing the draft issue…..

Oh yeah! Big Brother Bush is riding hard over those pesky young ‘uns, trying to put leashes on them like he’d like to on his daughters. Muzzles and leashes. Sound familiar???
Yes. Yes. Rock the Boat. Rock the Vote. Vote or Die fighting Big Brother Bush’s terrorizing war. If he wins, we all lose, even to the Seventh Generation.

3 thoughts on “Rock harder. Vote or Die.

  1. Be sure to read RTV’s response to the RNC, where they make it clear that it’s not a given anyone can automatically trust Kerry’s “no draft” comments either. So much for the idea that RTV is conducting a partisan campaign.
    As for any legal action against RTV brought by RNC? I say one thing: Bring. It. On.
    You want to see the spike in youth registration turn into a spike in youth votes on November 2? The GOP suing an organization like Rock the Vote is one damned sure way to make that happen.

  2. While we can’t be sure how successful Kerry would be in engaging in the kind of thoughtful and careful decision making that we want to see done by our president, we already know that Bush has already botched it up big time. We already see how Bush is destroying this country and what it has always stood for. So, while it’s possible Kerry might institute a draft, in this case, overall, the devil we don’t know has to be better than the one we know all too well.

  3. Some seem to be missing the true goal of result from the sum of all since the 1960s. Not following the law or rules is a normalization of anarchy. trial by media a smoke and mirror.

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