1 thought on “Is Bush Even Human?

  1. What mistakes? People talk about Bush hurting America, But they give no examples. As far as the $84 Bush claimed on a 2001 tax return, Showing him as a small business owner. Lets be real! Do you thing Bush does his own taxes? You know as well as I do that a CPA performed that maneuver to save G.W. some cash.
    Now, You want to talk about mistakes? Lets look at the treasonous activity of John Kerry, You want him to lead this country? You want to talk about taxes? In 2002 John Kerry paid $29,946 in federal taxes, on an income of $144,091.Yet that year Kerry was able to loan HIS OWN campain $850,000 dollars! THAT is some creative book keeping we should look into. Bush needs to hire Kerry’s CPA!

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